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By Karen M. Pina

Myth: Drink coffee for an energized pick me up

Truth: In truth, coffee puts your body in a stressful state. The stress produces an alertness from a chemical reaction, which is often mistaken for “energy.” Don’t get caught up in the coffee junkie jive!

Have you heard?

There is a product on the market called Bawls. It’s a high caffeine soft drink that many college kids are using to stay awake for extended periods of time to study for tests and do homework. And guess what? One 16 oz. bottle is the equivalent of 100 mg or 9 cups of coffee. Just so you’ll know, that is way over the the USDA daily dosage intake amount.

Find out more about the product BAWLS [Google it] so you can keep you and your kids away from it.

Four Ways Caffeine Limits You

1. Interferes with sleep
2. Elevates hormone levels
3. Dehydrates body, which, over time, effects how quickly you’ll age
4. Impairs digestion and regular bowel movements

10 Good Reasons To Kick The Habit

You want to:

1. lower blood pressure
2. reduce stress
3. get rid of heartburn
4. eliminate migraines
5. sleep better at night
6. increase your iron
7. reverse bone loss (osteoporosis)
8. prevent enlarging your prostrate glands
9. avoid pregnancy and childbirth complications
10. be free from anxiety and anxiety attacks

Here’s my strategy to get clean. We suggest you try reducing your coffee intake and increase your herbal coffee intake. There is no caffeine in herbal. It’s rich in natural ingredients like chicory root, dates, almonds, figs, and roasted carob. You can learn more about this strategy of weaning yourself from coffee and other tips for living a healthier life in our e-book,

When you get rid of the caffeine, your body may exhibit these symptoms:

• low energy
• fatigue
• constipation
• fuzzy thinking

This article is about kicking the habit without pain. So, here’s how to do so with grace and ease:

* To combat fuzzy thinking, supplement with Gingko biloba.
* To alleviate low energy, take a B 100 vitamin supplement.
* For constipation, licorice or a flax seed/selenium laxative works miracles.

For a multi-prong approach for all the above, exercise and take St. John’s Wart.

I encourage you to stick it out until you get back to your lively self. Take this wisdom challenge…try kicking for the habit for at least 30 days, if you don’t like your healthier less stressed life, then by all means go back to drinking coffee.

Karen M. Pina is a leadership coach and the CEO of Gifts Ordained by Direction, a coaching practice that addresses everyday leadership issues. Pick up a copy of Karen’s book “Leadership FITness” and get FIT physically, financially, and spiritually.

Mine for the gems in your career, relationships, and leadership development by joining the many readers of Gem News. Subscribe now and instantly receive a free audiobook chapter on career fitness. You can partner with Karen for more support around what you have just read or allow her to mentor you to become a certified coach.

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