Addiction Recovery Tip #5 – Tackle Boredom

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By Dusty Lindemann

Boredom is one of the great dangers to anyone who is new to recovery. It’s very tempting to pick up a drink, smoke or a drug when you are alone in your head. Here is a great way to tackle boredom and avoid substance abuse.

Start a new hobby. One of the most challenging aspects of recovery is trying not to dwell on how great it would feel to indulge your addiction again. If you take up a new hobby, be it gardening, painting or writing, you’ll devote less time to thinking about your addiction. Choose either a hobby you gave up years ago or something new.

It can be virtually anything and you may want to think outside the lines in terms of what an interesting hobby is. Kite making is a great way to invest your time in something fun. It doesn’t take a lot of know-how and if you are handy, you’ll be able to create a simple kite in a couple of hours.

Another fun and not often enjoyed hobby is photography. Although almost everyone has taken pictures at some point in their life, not many have pursued this as a hobby. You don’t need an expensive camera, a good quality digital one will do. Then get snapping and take images of anything appealing to you, be it nature, architecture or animals. You may surprise yourself with how great the pictures turn out.

The main point here is to keep yourself occupied. When you pass the time in a way that is healthy and fun, you can avoid cornering yourself with self-destructive patterns.

Dusty Lindemann writes for SOBRIETY TV at If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please visit this website to learn about recovery and what you can do to stay clean and sober.

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