Rainy, Cold Weather: Not Good for People with Arthritis?

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Excuse my recent absence, I’ve been under a literally bad weather. You see, I work in our not-fully finished house near an open window where there is an optimum signal for my 3G signal. When it rains (especially if directed sideways) the cellphone (my modem) and the back of my PC (monitor and CPU) will get wet.

The last couples of days , we had to endure dark gray skies and continuous heavy downpour. You know… that kind of downpour that has no intention of stopping, like the heavens has a big hole in it. This kind of weather is our normal this time of the year, we are just thankful the rains and winds didn’t brew into a full-blown storm. While in the temperate countries, it must be starting to get really cold, temperatures dropping continuously it won’t be long before it starts snowing.

I haven’t been in any temperate country so I have no idea how cold cold can be in winter. But here in the tropics, this time of year until sometime in February is relatively cold, isn’t good for people (young and old) who are suffering from arthritis. For once, if it keeps raining, it is a hassle to go outside to stretch your legs. Besides, during cold weathers, arthritic pains seems to escalate, aging bones need some warmth.

If arthritic people in the tropics are suffering how much more those people in temperate countries.

Today, the weather finally hold up. Skies are still gray, we haven’t been grazed by sunlight yet but at least it has stopped raining.

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