Coping with Colon Cancer

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By Lena Butler

Upon hearing the diagnosis of colon cancer, a set of mixed emotions can flow that can make you feel overwhelmed and stress. You are pressed into a situation where everything suddenly seems uncertain. Forced to look over future financial concerns, the shock of knowing your condition can put you to a breaking point.

The good news is, despite such worrying circumstances, this is a normal reaction of a cancer patient. The better news is the prospect of dealing with cancer should not discourage you to defeat the disease. There are a slew of success stories that will encourage you to face your situation with courage and joy.

Managing colon cancer despite the emotional weight can be dealt with by sticking to a set plan. There are many ways to cope with colon cancer and its stressful effects. With enough education and support, you will have the tools to deal with the diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer.

Know the Disease

Colon cancer is a disease stemming from the growth of cancer cells in the colon and rectal area. Colon cancer basically starts from the abdomen with the ability for the cancer cells to spread as the condition becomes more complicated. If colon cancer is detected early, there is a high rate for survival.

Knowing the nature and the nuances of colon cancer will prepare you to face the disease. Once you receive the diagnosis of your cancer, start to engage on different discussions and consultations with the right people. As you educate yourself and know the disease more, you will have a better perspective of the disease and your situation. You should be prepared to undergo a set of colon cancer testing and treatment with the right information.

Getting Comfortable with Cancer Testing and Treatment

The location of the colon and rectum presents an uncomfortable procedure for cancer patients. Some people suspected of colon cancer delay their tests because they find colon cancer testing embarrassing. This attitude although understandable is not helpful in facing colon cancer.

The usual colon cancer testing requires a stool sample. Doctors can recommend a home based fecal occult blood test kit, which is a test that checks for blood in your fecal waste. If you are uncomfortable with the procedures of colon cancer testing, be sure to talk to your doctor so that he can stress the importance of colon cancer tests. Advanced colon cancer tests will definitely involve scanning and monitoring of the rectal area so it is necessary for you to be prepared for future tests.

Dealing with colon cancer treatments is a matter of choice. The doctor will recommend different treatment options depending on the stage of your cancer. Talk to your doctor about the side effects of colon cancer treatment and consult with you friends and family on the financial concerns of these treatments. Different colon cancer treatments involve different factors such as size and location of the tumor, overall health, stage of the colon cancer, your age, and your personal need and concerns. Every treatment choice should result from a comfortable decision made by you with the help of your support group.

Dealing with Colostomy

To deal with colon cancer, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the tumor and the bulk of the cancer cells from your body. Colostomy involves removing most or all of the colon and rectum. While this is an effective treatment, it leaves colon cancer patients with devastating side effects for the unprepared. After colostomy, you will need artificial procedures to remove your fecal waste.

To get over this feeling, you should trust your doctor when he says everything will be fine. While you are given the choice, you should also weight what is best for you. If you fear that your peers will reject you, you can talk to them so that they can understand your situation. As long as you communicate your fears and concerns with them and they reciprocate it with understanding, there is no reason not to go ahead with the surgery. While the trial of having colostomy is a tall task, just remember that this treatment will help you in the end.

Developing Coping Skills

In coping with colon cancer or any other cancer for that matter, you can develop different coping skills to face the disease effectively. You should feel empowered every step of the way. Do not let others decide for you. In dealing with colon cancer, it is important that you stand up and decide on your own. This will prevent you from feeling helpless.

It is true that colon cancer is an unpleasant condition, but with rigorous planning, constant colon cancer testing and treatment, developed understanding of the disease, and strong support group to surround you, you have everything you need to fight back a disease that can be beaten.

This Article is written by Lena Butler, the author of Colon Cancer Home Test Kits, a longer version of this article is located at Coping With Colon Cancer, and resources from other home health and wellness testing articles are used such as TestCountry Colon Cancer FAQ.

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    Excellent blog, and good alternative! This type of information must be constant, hereby we look for the just and necessary thing.

  2. Mercury says:

    Es un buen buscador, de verdad que me parece agradable envien este tipo de informacion ya que nos permite descubrir nuevas alternativas y lo mas importante encotrar lo que necesitamos con confianza y seguridad.

  3. Swayne says:

    El Cáncer es una enfermedad cuyo resultado trae lamentables consecuencias, por ello se debe prevenir, haciéndose un chequeo anual y así prevenir adecuadamente nuestra vida, yo hace 3 años sufro de Cáncer y es lamentable para mí no tomar la medicina adecuada a tiempo, espero que cambie la situación y mejore la forma de vivir de personas que, como yo sufren de este mal, les cuento que hace mucho tiempo tengo este virus en mi, y mi cuerpo trabaja aun, gracias a la diversidad de medicinas que tomo, les quiero contar que últimamente me sentía mal porque observaba y escuchaba las diferentes situaciones de gente inescrupulosa que con el afán de ganar dinero no le importa la vida de millones de personas, ahora no se puede confiar en cualquier botica o farmacia como antes, por ello luego de haber conversado con muchas amistades y amigos de infancia, he decidido solicitar mis medicinas por internet ya que es mucho mas confiable, por ello buscando opciones encontré este buscador donde hay una variada información e indicación de lo que necesito, ojala que haya mas buscadores de esta magnitud para poder ofrecernos mejores alternativas.

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