9.27.2007 – Blogging For A Cause – Over on PetLvr.com Blog

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9.27.2007 – Blogging For A Cause – Over on PetLvr.com Blog

I’m Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal’s Life

Having many blogs in my network, I feel completely justified in promoting this event on every domain and blog that I have at my disposal! Please help me pass the word around the internet, and if you can contribute .. please do!

9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse On September 27, 2007 .. a wonderful thing will happen. Bloggers from all around the world will be “Blogging For A Cause”. I will be participating with my fellow bloggers, and am asking you to help me participate in this event. I will be blogging to .. Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse – over at PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

I’ve done three posts so far for this event

1) An Introduction Post

2) A Clarification Post

3) How we rescued Zeus the Cat

To paraphrase from the PetLvr Site …

You Too Can Participate on September 27, 2007

I will be posting letters from “PetLvr Readers” around the world that have rescued an animal and made a positive difference in the life of one animal. YOU are the hero! I would like you to email me your story. Every story I receive on and before this Thursday will be published and permanently maintained on the PetLvr website, under a new page called “PetLvr Rescue Stories”. I will also link your website if you have one, and post a picture of your pet if you provide it to me.

* Did you rescue an animal from the humane society?
* Did you take a stray dog in and give it a home?
* Did you know any animal being abused and reported its owners to the authorities?
* Did you save any animal from natural disasters, such as Katrina or the Peru Earthquake?
* Do you work for any non-profit agency and helped save the life of an animal?
* If you are a non-profit agency and would like to be linked to your website 9.27.2007

Then … PLEASE! Email me your stories to: hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com with the subject: 9.27.2007

* If you have a blog, you too can join in with thousand’s of other blogs around the world. You can stop the abuse about any topic (elder abuse, children abuse, spousal abuse, environmental abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abuse in the workplace, etc) .. it’s up to you!
Just follow the link from clicking the above graphic, and if you are not already a member of BlogCatalog.com .. well, join in and add me (PetLvr) as your friend! and you will be able to see your image in the widget in the sidebar when you come back here on September 27, 2007!

* If you do NOT have a blog .. feel free to start a *FREE* blog at PetLvr.com/mypet/ made available by PetLvr.com and start blogging! I will link all participating posts from there back over onto the main PetLvr blog … so start blogging!

cc’ed around the HART-Empire Network!

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2 Responses to “9.27.2007 – Blogging For A Cause – Over on PetLvr.com Blog”
  1. Thanks for sharing kab625 .. do you mind if I share your story over at PetLvr blog? What’s your name and where are you from? If you have a picture of Zoey feel freeo to send it to me via email.

  2. kab625 says:

    I got my dog Zoey from the kill shelter. I lost a dog to a brain tumor and had room for the next so set out to rescue someone.

    I went to the shelter daily specifically looking for a dog that had no takers on the list. I signed up for a few but knew they had a good chance because of all the people ahead of me.

    Then one day I saw Zoey. I have no idea how I missed her on previous days. She was staring right at me with her head completely turned and pressed again her cage door.

    She had no one signed to take her plus she was past her adoption date. What that usually means is she would have been destroyed but in this instance they weren’t overcrowded so she was spared a few more days.

    I snatched her up. It wasn’t easy though. She went to get spayed (mandatory). She had a fever. She went to sick bay for tratment of kennel cough and I visited her everday. She finally got spayed and came home with us. I’ll never forget how she bolted out of there and didn’t look back…straight to the car. That was about eight years ago.

    We’re totally connected. I’ve always felt it was meant to be.

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9.27.2007 – Blogging For A Cause – Over on PetLvr.com Blog

9.27.2007 - Blogging For A Cause - Over on PetLvr.com Blog I'm Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One...