Dealing With Alcoholism in Yourself or Someone You Love

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By Ian Henman

It might be you, a loved one, or a friend dealing with the problem. No matter who it is alcoholism could very well be one of the most difficult issues you’ll face over the course of your life. Similar to taking drugs or smoking alcoholism becomes a very big burden to carry around with you. Knowing it can lead to great disaster and even death of the person it directly effects. When ever you find yourself dealing with alcoholism you should prepare yourself for the worst, but hope the best will come of it all.

The initial step taken when dealing with alcoholism is the alcoholic, or yourself must admit that a problem exists. Like any addiction, until the person addicted realizes there is a problem to them there isn’t one. How can you decide if a person has a problem with alcohol? Is their drinking out of hand, is it having a negative impact on their life, work, and relationships with others. If this sounds like someone you know then there is a good chance they do have a problem. How ever you recognizing it doesn’t mean there is a solution close by, dealing with alcoholism is a two way street. Remember you can’t help someone with a problem, if they themselves haven’t realized it yet.

Now of course all this is not to make you feel as though that person is lost or doomed. There are places an alcoholic can go for help dealing with alcoholism. Likely the most used and heard of alternative is AA or alcoholics anonymous. The people of AA have developed a universal tried and tested plan to help recovering and drinking alcoholics overcome their addictions. There are many people who even after they quite drinking continue to rely on the ways of AA to help guide their lives. To go along with AA there are similar support groups and programs that family members of alcoholics can attend dealing with alcoholism. These programs help them deal with the person, and how to help them cope with their new found sobriety.

Never forget that alcoholism is indeed a disease. While you may have trouble showing pity to those who suffer from it remember it could cause the death of a friend, or loved one. If you are dealing with alcoholism, and feel you have no where to turn there are places you can turn for help quick. The Internet for one can link you to online support forums, and also the closet AA meetings in your area. Don’t let yourself live under the guidance of alcoholism, find help and beat it.

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