Weight Loss Tips For Housewives

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By Nataly Orlova

Women called housewives have mostly three reasons to complain about. These reasons are foodstuffs’ shopping, meal preparing and excess weight. Housewives every time taste the meal during cooking and sometimes eat dishes remained from children. These moments must be taken in to consideration if housewives want to control their weight.

Here below I offer some simple rules for housewives to avoid excess weight.

1. Don’t eat food that may leave your children.

2. Remember that tasting a meal during cooking you get lots of calories. Use advises of professional cooks who never swallow tasted meal but even rinse their mouth with water after that!

3. You have two ways to keep your good health and slim figure. First – your whole family must have healthy and balanced nutrition. Second – follow alone healthy and balanced nutrition if members of your family refuse to follow it. In this case you must check how many calories you consume and carefully choose foodstuffs you use. You must think over in advance what foodstuffs you buy for yourself.

Remember that you must like foodstuffs you buy for yourself. You fail if you try to stuff yourself with the meal you don’t like. You must like dishes you eat. Nobody will eat meal he/she dislikes during long time.

4. It is not easy to have meal separately. The only way in this situation is to limit foodstuffs you eat or to choose low-calorie dishes. To limit your foodstuffs take small plate to yourself cause on big plate it will look sad. Low-calorie dishes must be from foodstuffs permitted by your weight loss program.

5. Have minimum 2 hours between your snacks. The interval between supper and breakfast must be not less than 12 hours (better 14 hours). It means that if you had your supper at 20:00 then your breakfast must be not earlier than 8:00. During night your metabolism goes to normal state and your blood cleans itself.

6. Remember about your advantage not to go to a working place every day having your lunch in some dubious café (fast food the same). Your house is your working place. Healthy nutrition is in your hands!

Some words about short term diets. If you have about 5-6kg (11-13lb) of excess weight they can be possible and effective. But if your excess weight problem is more serious short term diets are not for you. You must choose carefully your way of cooking and nutrition to get rid of excess weight and after that keep it normal. This way must guarantee you health and nice slim figure for all life long.

Be healthy,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nataly Orlova is a recognized authority on the subject of overweight and obesity problems. Her articles published in www.overweight-info.com provides a wealth of information on everything you’ll ever need to know about overweight, obesity and other health problems.

Food/points table can be found here overweight-info.com/foodpoints-table

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