The Ten Keys To Shedding Pounds For Life

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By Adriel Yapana

Do you want to welcome mirrors into your life?

Do you want to say good-bye to excess fat?

Do you prefer to get pictures taken from the neck up so you can hide your belly??

Often, gym members come up to me asking for advice because they are struggling with their fitness goals. Today, I’m going to write about how you can get rid of that flab once in for all while feeling great about yourself during the process. Here are 10 keys to help you get into the groove of weight management if you choose to go shape up yourself.

It’s your responsibility. As the world becomes more complicated and chaotic, the only guaranteed outcome is the one you create. No one is going to hand you the body you want. Yes, a support from a group or a personal trainer will all assist you along the way buy you are the only one who truly cares about your fitness. Successful weight losers take responsibility for their future and don’t look to others to determine the next step.

Stop dieting for good! Eat at least three supportive meals a day, plus two to three snacks. This will keep your metabolism elevated while keeping your energy levels high.

GOYA! – Get Off Your Anatomy (your a**!). Get moving people! If you want to encourage fat loss, you should exercise at least three times a week, targeting different body part, not just the abs. Concentrate on completing every rep you set out to do in perfect form and don’t lose sight of your purpose wherever you decide to workout.

Focus on the finish line. lf you can’t exercise to get a flatter tummy, sign up for races like a 10K or marathon for competition or charity. Make sure it’s competition that gets your heart rate up and you going. My cousin recently finished at AIDS Cycle which they ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles spread over 6 days. I know she felt fantastic afterwards while losing a few pounds for charity.

Create a reward for yourself when you stick to your eating and exercise plan.

Here’ are some samples rewards:
A day at a spa
A day beach
A new outfit
Romantic dinner for two
Tickets to a concert or play
A new piece of sports equipment, such as a new bike or a badminton set

So pick up something you really would love to give yourself.. And tell your spouse or a friend. By getting them in on your reward set out, you get them to help you stay accountable and on track.

Good, old-fashioned visualization. Despite willpower and goodwill from others, you still need to motivate from within. Visualization is a great, long-lasting way to make exercising and healthy choices day in and out.

Visualization will help you to do things less desirable because by seeing yourself in your “minds-eye”. You walk the path beforehand and the mind cannot tell the difference between that and make believe. This is a very powerful habit to ingrain to your lifestyle.

“Stick-To-Itiveness” Successful weight loser have this in common- consistency. You must learn the importance of sticking with lifestyle changes until they become second nature.

Seek slow and steady fitness progress. Maintaining a healthier weight means being physically active on a daily basis. For many, this means walking to start. Even 20 minutes a day can be the enough to start change stimulation and then you can build up from there.

Trade time in with silence. Find your inner harmony. By punching the silent treatment, you can relief stress that can help you stay focused on your fitness goal, So turnoff the TV Eat lunch sitting down in a quiet room. Be aware of every bite. Silence symbolizes peace and harmony and allows you to focus inward. You’ll block the blare of the world from penetrating your body, so you can appreciate what’s around you without feeling bombarded.

Use a tape measure instead of the scale. I often tell new clients to get rid of their scales… they often turn it in to me (which I kindly give to Good Will if we don’t end up smashing it first!) Use a tape measure and your mirror for revealing results. They’re a better indicator to a slimmer waist and stronger arms.

As you can see, these 10 keys can be you road to fitness success. Start practicing these and choose to pursue a positive lifestyle and start enjoying the benefits of a healthy body.

Adriel Yapana is the host of the Lean On Me Video Blog and the creator of the ebook, “Burn Fat Fast with Transformed Thinking” He can be reached at

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