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I’m still “Battling Obesity” … It was my birthday July 11th and I finally weighed in again. My last weigh in on May 2, 2007 .. I was at 272.5 lbs.

Last Wednesday, on my birthday .. July 11, 2007 … I weighed myself to be 273.0 lbs.

I pretty much stopped counting points, or even watch what I was eating since about April 30th, although I was consciously trying to be aware of what was going into my mouth and if I could, I would eat the healthier choice. But, all I did was sit in a chair – stressed out – trying to catch up and get ahead with all my work in progress of my offline Accounting and Income Tax Preparation business. And, now I am on “summer hours” – well, at least my wife is. She takes off every Friday now, and every couple of weeks both Friday and Monday. We will be taking a full two weeks holiday next month. It’s quite hard for me to conduct my business – which, I’m trying to cram 8 days work into 7 days in the first place .. now have to cram it into 3 or 4 days.

But – I do have a few new toys for the summer … so – if my offline business is going to struggle this summer .. my physical well being and weight should not suffer.

At the beach, I am trying to ride my bike a lot, we walk the dogs when we can .. and weather permitting I am like a fish out of water. I have a few new water toys … like, this inflatable kayak pictured below. I bought two of them – one for me, and one for my wife. My wife loves it!

me? I like it.. it’s okay – but, the weight restriction is 300 lbs. I am finding that the way I sit // correction – there’s no excuse to explain it. My belly sticks out in such a way, that I can’t really sit in a 90 degree angle with my feet close together to fit properly inside the kayak, and because I’m already on the heavier side .. with lifejacket, canoe, and the way I sit in the kayak .. water spills inside. This just compounds the problem, giving more weight in the kayak and then more water comes into the kayak.

It’s a humbling experience – and great motivator to lose more weight and be able to kayak with my wife. At the moment, I can kayak for about 15 minutes, then I have to empty the water out. And, I have to do that on shore, as it’s difficult to get back in these inflatable kayaks without letting more water in!


And what do I do after my “laps” in the water, while I’m waiting for my wife to go kayaking by herself? I just sit around.. you know~ in the water!



Click on the little Kayak if interested in buying this from Canadian Tire (affiliate link) .. it’s quite cool, and folds up into a suitcase that you can carry with you in your trunk of your car. Oh, and it takes about 15 minutes to pump up with air with a foot pedal, and about 2 minutes to deflate.

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