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By Irene Levy

Seasonal fitness is very common with the general weekend warriors and serious fitness gurus. In fact, seasonal fitness provides variety as a host of new and exciting routines opens up to each and every one of us with changes in the weather. A great example is outdoor exercising. Not only is this influenced by the seasons but also geographically. In the west you can just about workout outside every day (some exceptions for rain of course). On the east coast you can certainly choose to run in sub 30 degree weather but most will choose not to do so. We like to think of this as the attraction factor. The attraction factor is critical as it helps to setup and thus manage one’s enthusiasm towards repeatable exercising and adherence to your overall life fitness goals.

How often do you see the Television Ads where the healthy ads always seem to be on location somewhere near Los Angeles? It’s not by chance it’s a fact that everyone thinks of California as the healthy state (Florida is right in there as well of course!). The land of the creative and fortunate to have been born/raised or moved to the sunshine have almost too many choices for outdoor activities year round. Sometimes this leads to being overwhelmed and it can create a failure to start or implement a fitness program.

Bike riding is probably one of the most misunderstood levels of exercising. People think they need a top of the line product to achieve maximum performance and results. Hardly, find yourself a solid bike within your budget. Then find a course around your neighborhood that offers challenges (hills) and enough soft landings to properly maintain 30 minutes of solid riding. Bike riding can achieve much better results than just walking. We recommend this above and beyond walking if it’s feasible.

So, what to do when we are less than fortunate to live in a year round warm climate? You can invest in a home gym for starters and we have lots of information on our corporate web site for ways to research these options. There are also the private gyms, local community centers and all offers some level of performance that should be a good enough fit for your needs. Swimming indoors is just as effective as outdoors. All across the US and Europe there are choices available to swim year round. Swimming is a great way to tone and maintain great body fitness with the least amount of muscle wear and tear.

In Today’s world there just isn’t an excuse not to exercise. Move that body and get yourself in shape to lead a healthy life style way into your later years of life. Today’s retirees have an enomorous task as their once beloved pensions and healthcare solutions are not what they had hoped. We can all take a step in the right direction by getting ahead of the health curve and get in shape early in life. It’s never too late! Make sure you combine a healthy eating plan as well. Exercise requires solid fuel intake and a well balanced meal plan. In addition we strongly believe is a good (twice a day) natural supplement program. We like adding almonds and Mona Vie International’s acai berry juice to our daily plan. It provides a safe and healthy way to achieve 100+ percent of the RDA for our vitamins and antioxidant needs (and then some when it comes to the benefits of the Acai Berry!).

Irene has been servicing the Health and Wellness industry since graduating from Cal State Fullerton in 1982. Through her professional experiences in primarily the Physical Therapy field (presently working) she has gathered deep understandings on nutrition, exercise and overall healthy programs to share with her readers and clients of Planet Berry LLC. To learn more on Irene or Planet Berry please visit their corporate web site at or email at

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