Pilates’ Accessories An Ace For Enhancing Your Workout

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By Tammy Foster

Pilates is a fabulous form of exercise known to help lengthen your muscles, tone your abdominal muscles, increase your overall strength and improve general flexibility.

Sounds like a winning idea to me!

With its gentle movements, Pilates is well suited to the majority of folks. It is gentle on the joints and can even help you to relax if you follow along with the breathing exercises which accompany the movements.

Pilates focuses on you concentrating on the precise movements of the exercises as well as the prescribed breathing which go along with the controlled movements.

Once you’ve been able to learn the basic movements of Pilates you may consider adding Pilates’ accessories which can enhance your practice. Pilates’ accessories can help you to keep form getting more and can add more challenge to your exercise routines. Some of these accessories are also well suited to take along on a business or pleasure trip so that you don’t have to settle for a less then stellar routine.

The Pilates Magic Circle is one of the most popular Pilates’ accessories on the market today. The original tempered stainless-steel Magic Circle was developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

Today’s circles are designed with newer materials but the circle still does the job just the same as the original model. The Magic Circle provides resistance during the traditional Pilates movements which enhances the muscle strength.

The Magic Circle can often be found as a package deal that not only includes the circle but also Pilates DVDs which incorporate the circle into the practice. This is a delightful Pilates’ accessory which I am sure that you will find beneficial.

I also adore the Pilates Balance Ball which helps to improve your core stability since you have to learn to maintain your balance on an unstable surface while performing the Pilates movements. With the ball, you perform movements on the ball instead of on the floor. This makes for a challenging round of exercises.

Pilates Rings are also a nice addition to your Pilates’ accessories. These basic rings add more challenge to arm and leg movements. This helps you to increase flexibility and toning on specific areas.

Pilates Flex Bands or Pilates Resistance Tubing are a piece of cake to use! These bands are the ideal accessory since they are lightweight, travel easily and come in a variety of resistance. Many of those who begin to use Pilates’ accessories find that they enjoy starting out the Flex Bands before moving on to the Pilates Magic Circle.

Remember Pilates’ accessories are designed to add resistance and challenge to your Pilates’ exercise routines.

They can help you keep from getting bored and can definitely help you to see changes in your body. Stronger, more toned and healthier, Pilates is a great choice for exercise.

So get up off the couch and get moving!

For more information on Pilates be sure to visit the-pilates-zone.com. You’ll find tips and advice on Pilates techniques, Pilates basics, Pilates and pregnancy, and much more information.

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