Most Exercises Are Completely Self-Defeating And You Should Avoid Them At All Costs

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By Brian A Hunt

The average human body reaches complete maturity at about 25 years, and afterwards it is all downhill for every muscle and organ we have. This means that the athlete wishing to maintain fitness has to exercise a little more each day, or watch performance levels drop rapidly.

If you are not a performing athlete earning a living at a sport that requires extreme fitness, speed, and strength, you must be extremely cautious about most forms of exercise, because the chances are that you can do more harm than good.

In any event, all muscle building exercise after maturity for all adults can only have one result; you have to continue the exercises every day of your life, or the developed muscles will quickly turn to fat and flab.

Never Exercise to Excess

Today numerous fitness programs and workout regimes encourage people to fling their body about the room in time to the rapid beat of popular music; stepping up and down a wooden block, doing an amazing array of callisthenics, or running purposelessly for tremendously long distances.

Extremely fit and athletic appearing people in tight-fitting clothing always demonstrate the videos and sales literature for these body-busting routines. If you are over 25-years old, your body is carrying more weight than you want, and you have a shelf full of health books, diets, and exercise videos, I recommend that you throw them all away right now. Joining a fitness club may sound good, and may produce the desired affect in the short term, but the very day you stop is the day you start to revert to your previous condition.

You can speak to any doctor worldwide, and they will all give you the same advice, “Exercise in moderation…” and nobody ever listens. They do not want to lose a few ounces each month, they want to lose pounds every week, and so they exercise like a maniac fleeing the demons from hell.

The Main Purpose of Exercise

It is the one thing that you dread every day, and the one thing you have a million excuses to avoid, but if you think that the purpose your daily exercise session is to lose weight, you are sadly mistaken.

You probably will lose some weight, depending upon the regularity, severity, and length of the exercise sessions, but to what purpose, because the weight will return.

If your medical or health professional advised you to take some moderate exercise, the main purpose would be to increase the flow of your blood. This aerobic exercise, gentle exercise over a long period, depletes the oxygen levels in your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and all working muscles.

Do not worry; the oxygen is quickly replenished once you rest!

The relationship between regular aerobic exercise (walking and swimming) and cardiovascular health and longevity is well established, and this exercise they advise; certainly not the whirling dervish type, which you must avoid at all times.

Some Extra Weight is good!

The human race is some 6 million years old, civilisation is about 5 thousand years old, and the modern way of life is only a couple of hundred years old. This means that for the vast majority of its existence and development, the human race and each individual has been self-sufficient.

The natural thing for all living creatures is to eat well in harvest times and put on a little weight; this is later consumed during the winter months when food is less abundant. Similarly, pre-civilisation, when a person is young they could forage for food quite easily, but as they aged this became harder each year. Nature compensates for this by ensuring that older people carry more weight.

Unfortunately, nature is not aware of the supermarkets with their year-round profusion of appetising foods, which the older person consumes in large quantity, and so modern adults tend to carry more weight than nature designed.

When you try to slim down to the ridiculous sizes suggested by the models in the glossy magazines and on the exercise videos, you are going against nature and that is a battle you can never win. So why start? Think of all the octogenarians you know, because the vast majority of them are happy, rotund people without a care in the world.

There is only One Solution

Your current weight is reflected by the food you consume, and it is all too obvious for people to say, “Eat less food…” and “You are what you eat…”, when they encourage you to lose weight. Furthermore, it is far too difficult for the majority of people to resist the lure of their kitchen refrigerator, and minutes after some moderate exercise, they will rush into the kitchen to rustle up a snack.

If you did not follow my advice earlier, do so now and dispose of all your weight loss diets, health books, and exercise videos before continuing this article. You will soon learn the secret that can put all those fitness clubs right out of business.

Okay, now that is out of the way, let us continue…

The solution to your current weight and health problems is really quite simple, but nonetheless, extremely powerful and completely safe. Countless people have also proved it over time and when you read the next sentence, you will start to lose weight by the minute and you will soon become healthier.

Your weight is a condition of your mind and not your body.

A statement worth repeating: Your weight is a condition of your mind and not your body. That does not mean you can simply ‘think thin’ and start to lose weight, because nothing is that simple. You just have to accept that your mind controls both your weight and general health, and you have taken the first step. After that, it will start to happen naturally, but you can help it along the way.

If you accept that your weight is a condition of your mind, you must now start to train your mind to improve it. Many books have been written on the subject, and it is generally accepted that as humans we are what we think about. The first thing you have to do is to start thinking about the weight you want for your body. This must not be a ridiculous figure, but more one that you believe possible. The last three words of the previous sentence are probably the most important in this article, so please read them again.

The second thing you must train your brain to understand is that you do not require all that wonderful food you see on television, movies, in restaurants, and of course in your supermarket. Think only about the fruit and vegetables you like; whenever a picture of a Danish pastry, sugary donut, or Black Forest gateau comes into your mind, immediately replace it with a juicy red apple, a couple of bananas, and a mango or two.

The third thing you must do without fail is to condition your mind that you cannot possibly eat all that food on your plate. When you sit down to a meal at a table heaving with dishes of every size and description, you must simply nibble a little bit of this and that, because you are not hungry, and you must carry that thought in your mind during every meal.

You may think this is hard to accomplish, but I have a friend who is so successful at this mind conditioning and telling himself that he is not hungry, that he has not been able to eat a full meal for 50 years, and his weight has been 43 – 45 kilo for decades, without an ounce of fat. Naturally, it is very easy for him to continue with the habit today, because his stomach has now shrunk to the size of a walnut!

The fourth and last thing you have to do is write the first three principles to healthy weight on a card: Your ideal weight, your ideal foods, your smaller portions. Then you must read the card many times every day and as you read, envision each event:

1. Your weight gradually approaching your ideal

2. Your meals changing to the white meat, fruit, and vegetables you like best

3. Your portions reducing as your age increases

It really is that simple, because after all, your weight is a condition of your mind and not your body.

When all else Fails!

Like all experts, I have a ‘plan B’ for those who are unable to master the above regime and I am sure it is one you will enjoy.

I mentioned earlier that doctors often recommend light exercise to ‘open up the arteries’ and get the blood flowing, because modern diets clog them up fast. Well, the same doctors also recommend that a glass of whisky each day can thin the blood and reduce the chances of stroke and other heart problems.

So please drink a double whisky and jump into bed with your spouse for an hour or two of gentle aerobic exercise, and repeat it every day until you reach the required weight!

© Copyright 2007. Brian Hunt. All Rights Reserved.

Brian Hunt

The author of this article is Brian Hunt, who has been writing, publishing, and marketing books and articles on business and leisure related subjects for the past seven years. He is a highly successful person with a broad depth of sales and marketing experience in various fields gained over many years in business. In addition to his publishing business, Brian works as a consultant for selected clients wishing to expand their marketing presence online.

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