Marijuana – Easily Accessible, But Very Dangerous

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By Gabriel J. Adams

Affecting individuals of all ages, marijuana has become an easily accessible and in some social circles, easily acceptable drug known by a wide-range of nicknames and references. Marijuana may be green or gray in color, consisting of dried, shredded flowers or leaves that come from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. While the drug is commonly smoked as a cigarette (joint), it may also appear in a pipe, bong, inside tobacco paper, or is mixed with other drugs, food, or beverages. There are more than 200 slang terms associated with marijuana, ranging from “pot,” “weed,” and “Mary Jane.”

Effects of Marijuana Abuse

There are many different parts of the body that marijuana has an effect on. The chemicals found in the drug have been known to alter sensory reactions in the brain. Also, long-term use of the drug may produce unfavorable changes in the brain. Over time, the lungs begin to show signs of respiratory damage from regular use of marijuana. As the lung tissue becomes damages, the worst cases evolve in a loss. Smoking marijuana also affects the heart rate and blood pressure of an individual. In regards to learning and functioning in society, the attention span, reaction time, and memory of a marijuana user also suffers damage, which can show at home, school, or work.

Getting Help for Marijuana Addiction

Although breaking the habit of using marijuana seems difficult since it is one of the most readily available drugs to get a hold of, it is not an impossible task. One of the main factors regarding the success of conquering a drug addiction is to have the positive support of family, friends, and others in a patient’s life.

For some, both inpatient and/or outpatient drug addiction treatment is needed to break the dependency on a drug. More than 120,000 will enter a drug treatment facility to help end marijuana addition and identify the problems that cause this sort of drug use. A big part of this process involves constant counseling. Many users develop a physical dependency on marijuana, which they perceive as their way of coping with the daily stresses of life. To locate a suitable course of action on how to eliminate marijuana addiction, contacting a physician, local clinic, or substance abuse center from the Yellow Pages is one way to start.

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