Get In Shape For Summer – The Top 5 Calorie Burning Summer Exercises

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By James Penn

Summer is nearly upon us. It is a time for visiting the beach and shedding your clothes in favour of a bikini or swim shorts. Many of us are uncomfortable with our appearance because perhaps we are carrying one or two or fifty extra pounds. You want to tone your body so you can feel confident to show off your body, this article will provide you with five of the top calorie burning summer exercises so you can lose the excess weight you want to.


While this can be performed in all four seasons, it’s much more fun in summer. Take a jog through your local park. Listen to music as you run and take in the beautiful scenery as the sun beats down on you. Be sure to remain hydrated to avoid dehydration.


This summer, why not find a place to hike to burn some excess calories. Get on your hiking shoes and find a rural trek. Go with a friend, a family member or even your partner. When hiking you won’t even realise your exercising, but it is highly effective. In fact it burns around 450 calories per hour or more.


In summer, when the sun is blazing down on you, there’s nothing better than diving in a cool, clear, outdoor swimming pool to keep your body temperature comfortable. Do a short spell of swimming and notice the difference it has on your body and mind. Swimming is the total body and mind workout.


Tennis is the ideal summer sport. Playing against a friend or tennis partner provides the competitive edge that you may need to work that little bit harder. Tennis is great for developing toned arms and legs. For variety you can play doubles tennis, although this doesn’t burn quite as many calories.


Cycling in the sun is a great experience. With the sun blazing down on you and the wind blowing through your hair provides a great middle ground to keep your body temperature constant. Cycling is great for working and toning the leg muscles and the best part is, you won’t even realise your exercising them!

Those are the five exercises for you to burn some excess calories and lose some unnecessary pounds to get your body in shape for summer.

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