At Last! A Scientifically Proven And Amazing Way To Loose Weight

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By Marilyn Barker-Smith

Americans spend an estimated $30 billion a year on various types of diet programs and products, including diet foods, pills and drinks. You don’t need to add your hard earned cash to these statistics.

If you have ever eaten junk food or processed food and then wished you hadn’t because you felt tired and heavy or bloated; If you’ve ever tried fad diets or yo-yo diets only to pile the weight back on; If you have tried diet recipes and its cost you a fortune to buy the ingredients and endless time to cook; If you ever feel down about being overweight or obese; If you ever get fed up of being preached to about all the things you shouldn’t do, you’re simply fighting the flab rather than eliminating it naturally.

Overweight people increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other illnesses. Meditation and losing weight reduces the risk.

Using meditation to lose weight is definitely worth your consideration. So many people from all walks of life enjoy amazing and long-term results. By releasing stress through meditation people find they no longer have the need to comfort eat. One of the most powerful mind and body techniques involve combining visualization with meditation for weight loss. It has been proven over and over again that what you are imagining in the present moment will be what life grants you in the future.

Very often the mental picture that we have of ourselves when we focus on dieting conflicts with the end result that we really desire. Our mind is often filled with doubts and negative thoughts. Using meditation and visualization will erase these doubts and allow you to watch the new you reappear. Focus on the result that you truly desire and always remember “As a man thinketh so is he.”

If you don’t understand much about meditation and visualization, don’t worry, I will explain further on how you can learn simply through a free guided meditation course.

It has been scientifically proven that people who practice meditation have shown marked improvements in their mental and physical health. Clinical studies reveal that meditation helps lower blood pressure and respiratory rates, reduces anxiety and cures insomnia. It is because of these results that more and more doctors are recognizing the therapeutic benefits of meditation and are suggesting that their patients learn meditation. Many people use meditation to lose weight or cure addictive behaviors like smoking, alcohol and others learn meditation to alleviate many stress related illnesses. Some learn meditation to find inner peace and happiness, while others want to be more in touch with their spiritual self.

When you combine meditation with visualization, imagine the new you. Feel how your new body feels and see how good you look. See your beautiful or handsome image as you walk down the beach towards the sea in a fabulous swimsuit or pair of shorts. Feel the wind in your hair and the cool breeze on your body. Feel the spring in your step and the song in your heart as you give thanks for your healthy life. Feel the happiness bubbling inside as you see your family watching you with love and pride. Breathe deeply and feel ecstatic as the sea air fills your healthy lungs and body. Experience the confidence, total bliss and inner peace that encompass your whole body.

“Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it. Millions of Americans – many of whom don’t even own crystals – practice it every day. Why? Because meditation works…” Time Magazine

Marilyn Barker-Smith is the co-founder of Project Meditation. The site was created to allow everyone to experience the life changing benefits that meditation has to offer.

The Project-Meditation course was originally developed for four CD’s but has now been re-developed into a free meditation course, available for instant download.

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