Addiction and the Destruction It Causes

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By Michele Graham

Most of us have some type of addiction, whether it be watching TV or over-eating, or compulsive behavior when cleaning and organizing, smoking or even talking on the phone.

Unfortunately, the worst addictions are drug and alcohol related. More and more families are affected by this terrible disease. It knows no class: you can be poor or rich, black or white or any race for that matter: you can come from a religious background or no religious training at all.

Drug and alcohol addiction ruins families, destroys lives, causes job losses and many more losses too many to discuss here.

The people that encourage drug addiction are self centered and out to make a buck. They could care less about the people they are furnishing with drugs. In my town, Dallas, Texas, there are homeless people on the corners in certain neighborhoods, that will furnish drugs just to ride around in someones’ car all day. These people are the worst kind of trash. They feed on the addict for their own selfish reasons.

Our children, our husbands, our wives, our nephews and nieces, our mothers and fathers, if addicts, will sell or give away all of their possessions for that next hit. They have no concept of reality nor do they care at that moment.

Tough love is not for the recipient but for the giver. It hurts to be the tough one and put your foot down more than it hurts to be out there doing your thing, smoking crack or getting drunk.

Trying to get the addict to admit they need help is one of the hardest things to do. They all think they can get okay on their own. Not so! It takes counseling and sometimes medications, to set them back on the right track. And even then, it may take several bouts of being at that lowest point to get through to the addicts and have them make a change.

The folks that hurt worse in this scenario are the children of the addict. They offer unconditional love for the parent/user and do not understand. They love the parent and just want them to be well.

If you are an addict or alcoholic, think about it. How many people are you hurting every time you use. Is it worth losing them? Is it worth living on the street or losing a good job? Is is worth losing a marriage or privileges to see your kids? Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

You are a precious human being. Get some help. Help is everywhere and most of the time, it is free. Start over today! Fight like you have never fought before! There is a world of people hoping and praying for your safe return from the world of addiction. Pick up the phone now and seek help. There is a whole new life waiting for you on the other side.

Michele Graham-CEO and owner of Professional Healthcare Management has 41 years in the healthcare industry. She writes about business issues in all businesses and the healthcare field as well.

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