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By Matt Shuebrook

Okay here’s the deal. In the next 2 minutes I am going to show you what you should do with your workout plan if you want to get fat. I am so serious about this. If after reading this article you don’t know how to get fat; then you are just going to have to stay fit and thin the rest of your life.

Why the hell would I want to get fat, Matt?

After paying close attention to the patterns of people for the past few years and reading about the patterns of the past I have come to the conclusion that people want to pig out and get fat. Or at least that is what it appears to be. I mean with the ever increasing obesity rates and the ever decreasing amounts of physical exercise one would only be left to assume that people want to get fat.

Eat more, workout less, eat junk, and walk on the treadmill and I guarantee you will gain weight.

Eat more- Research has shown that the more you eat at any giving sitting the more your body has to work to process the food. But hopefully if you eat A LOT more then what your body is able to process you will gain weight. Trust me that is not that hard to do. Just eat till you are stuffed and don’t stop there. Add a dessert or some drinks to the mix and you should be gaining weight in no time.

Workout less- The less you workout, the less lean muscle mass your body will have. The less lean muscle mass you have the less your body needs to work to maintain its muscle. The human body will burn roughly 50 calories a day per pound of lean muscle mass just to maintain its current size. So if you want to gain weight, simply workout less and watch the pounds pile on.

Eat junk- It’s no secret that junk food has a tendency to back up the digestive system. In fact, I have heard stories about people eating McDonalds and being backed up for weeks. Not to mention the fat, grease, carbs, and other junk that is found in fast food and common snacks will blow you up faster than you can say fast food.

Walk on the treadmill- Just recently the realm of cardio for weight loss has changed. For years we were told to walk for 20-40 minutes a day to burn more calories and lose weight. We just discovered that walking will actually decrease the probability of losing fat. In fact, over a long period of time, it will increase your chances of gaining weight. Make sure you don’t do cardio intervals. Cardio intervals are fat’s enemy. Cardio intervals are when you do bouts of high speed cardio mixed with slightly longer bouts of a slower speed cardio; 30 seconds full speed followed by 1 minute at a much slower speed, repeat 10 times.

Just follow the rules outlines above and you will gain lots of weight real fast. If you want to learn more about how not gain weight and learn how to lose fat simply go to

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Author: Matt Shuebrook, CPT of Christian Health and Fitness

Thanks and God Bless

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