Muscle Building Secrets for the Weight Lifting Newbie

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By Michael Prendergast

If you are interested in looking good and being healthy, you may want to undertake a regimen of weight lifting to build your muscles and your confidence. Perhaps you have always wanted to look like bodybuilders in magazines. Or maybe you want to improve your football, baseball or basketball hing to remember when looking for muscle building secrets is that nothing is that instant successperformance. It is possible that you are feeling in general tired and out of shape and know you need more than aerobic exercise, but also physical strength to cope with every day life and to feel good as well as look good. You may want to know muscle building secrets that will bring you success as an athlete, in your appearance and in life, and many people are willing to search high and low and to pay large sums of money to discover muscle building secrets that will take them from scrawny to toned or fat to fit.

The most important t is not guaranteed. Many people enter into a weight lifting program only to drop it after a few days or a few weeks because they went too far to fast and expected to be a toned athlete in a short amount of time. Like most pursuits, body building requires patience, endurance and a lot of self-discipline. The problem with wanting to look like people in the magazine, is that so few people do look like them; that’s why they are in a magazine. It is best to drop your images of absolute success and take baby steps.

Among the most important muscle building secrets is to be consistent, yet don’t push yourself too hard. One of the worst hazards of body building is overtraining which can lead to burnout. This is counter-intuitive, because usually you might think the more work you do the better you get. However, you don’t just build muscles in the gym, but also asleep in bed. When you rest, your muscles repair torn tissue and become toned and stronger. Therefore, you will need plenty of rest as part of your body building routine.

At least in the beginning, don’t lift weights every day, but go to the gym for weight training every other day to give your muscles a chance to rebuild. Among muscle building secrets are special diets and special foods which will supposedly make your muscles grow. The best way to build your muscles is by eating a balanced diet; for each meal, you need 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fats. If you are interested in reducing your fat and increasing your muscle, eat slightly less carbohydrates and fats. Do not, however, cut out fats and carbohydrates completely from your diet, since your body will be starved for these nutrients, fight back and hamper your progress. Keep them to a minimum but include them. Don’t pay attention to muscle building secrets which will guarantee ways you can “turn” fat into muscle. This is a biological impossibility, since muscle and fat are two completely different kinds of material. As you reduce fat, you can gradually gain more muscle, but one does not turn into another.

Muscle building secrets for those who want to maximize their muscle mass should be applied with discretion and by consulting someone experienced.

Mike Prendergast owns and operates Body Building Supplement

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