7 Techniques To Burn 8 Pounds Of Fat This Month

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By Curtis Ludlow

Many people are unhappy with their bodies. They see limited, if any, results from their hours of hard work, deprivation from their favorite foods, and sweat. Why does this happen so often? There is often little if any thought given to the overall exercise plan. Many people fail to plan and therefore are planning to fail. It’s cliche. But it is true. You need a plan to succeed with anything. Here are the most important elements of an effective fitness and fat loss plan.

Do you waste time with exercises like bicep curls or walking on the treadmill? For 99% of all people, exercises like these are inefficient. Why spend time on a walking machine when you can go outside and just walk. Why work just a few of your muscles when you can work them ALL? Use some common sense, what do you think is more efficient, working just one muscle group or working them all? The most efficient thing you can do, if you goal is maximum fitness, is to perform full body, multi-joint, compound exercises.

This means that you should focus on working EVERY muscle in your body during every exercise and induce your body to elevate metabolism.

Which exercise do you think is most effective;

1. lying down on your back for some leg presses,
2. sitting down on a leg extension machine for leg extensions
3. doing standing low squats with a shoulder press.

If you answered low squat with a shoulder press you get the prize . . .

A simple exercise like a low squat engages every fiber of your leg musculature while simultaneously working the lower back, abdominals, and deep core muscles. As a matter of fact, a common concern I hear from the people I train is that their abs are sore, even though we rarely perform crunches or other traditional abdominal exercises. And if we do perform abdominal exercises they are only a part of the program because old habits die hard. People, for some reason, need to feel the burn in the area where they want to lose fat. So, again, total body, multi-joint compound movements are the way to go. Do them and watch the fat fry off your frame.


Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese exercise physiologist, developed an exercise protocol that was found to me more effective than any other for increasing aerobic and anaerobic exercise capacities.

What does that mean?

The best way to improve fitness, the most efficient way, is by following his method of training. What is the protocol? Work at maximum capacity for 20 seconds and follow that period of work with a 10 second rest.

Repeat 8-times.

The total workout time is just 4-minutes, yet it is more effective than hour-plus-long exercise regimens.


When you eat the right food, in the right quantities, and at the right times, your body is actually forced to work harder (burn more calories) than if attention isn’t paid to these factors.

Here is the ‘Cliff’s Notes’ version of what to do: Eat a lean protein, starchy carb, and fibrous carb every 3 – 3 ½ hours, in visually equal proportions. Plain english version, eat low fat meats, veggies, and a whole grain every 3 – 3 ½ hours. Doing this properly can increase calorie burning by 15%.


When you combine ALL of these methods of eating and training together in a comprehensive PLAN, with one purpose; to get in the best shape of your life, amazing results are inevitable. And what is ‘synergy’?
This is when 1 + 1 does not equal 2.
Synergy is when 1 + 1 = 11.
The results of each effort are amplified by the results of the other efforts. They build on each other. While I do not recommend losing more than 2 pounds of weight per week, when this exact protocol is followed, a 2 pound weight loss per week, or more, is common.


If you want to do something, anything, you need to make a commitment to yourself to just do it. One way to do this is to write down you goal. If you have a weight loss goal, you must write it down. Then you must think about it often.

How often?
ALL of the time. And a key point here is to NOT focus on the weight. Focus instead on the emotions you will feel, the things you will do, the great new clothes you will wear and the great relationships you will have with family and friends.

Focusing on the end result helps you stick with the commitment.


If you say that you are going to ‘try’ and lose some weight, you are basically saying that you are NOT going to lose the weight. What if some evil-dictator-presidente told you that you had to get down to YOUR goal weight by May 31, 2007 and keep it off for a full year or he would kill you and your family. Would you be committed to releasing the fat? Or would you ‘just try’ to lose some weight?

Or what if a loved one needed a kidney transplant and your doctor told you that your kidney is the only thing that could save his or her life. BUT you first needed to get to your goal weight before they could use the kidney (a fatty kidney is not usable and would just do more damage) Would you ‘try to get to your goal weight’ and ‘see if you might be able to’ or would you do EVERYTHING you could, focusing every minute on every bite, every exercise, to get the fat off and keep it off?

I think you know the answer to those questions.
You would make it happen.
The weight would come off.
There would not be any dilly-dallying around.
Well, why don’t you make that type of commitment to yourself right now.
If you are not at your peak right now, what can you do to get there?


If you write your goal of losing 8 pounds of fat this month on a sheet of paper, read it everyday, and let ‘The Universe’ do the work, how much fat are you going to lose? I hope that you know that ‘The Universe’ will answer your prayers and recognize your desire to lose weight when you commit to losing the fat and take efficient, consistent, and focused action. You have to get all of the parts right, all the time. You cannot ‘be good’ some of the time and expect a dramatic change. For a dramatic physical change you need to make a dramatic mental change and follow it with consistent, efficient, and focused action.

You do that by putting your goal on paper and referring to it multiple times throughout the day. Focus on the reasons why you want it, what you will get out of it; and what you will DO to make it happen.

Ready to make it Happen Now?

Most people eventually reach a point where they are fed up with the let’s see what happens weight loss strategy’. When they reach this point, they contact me. I am the author of the book ‘Fitness Cybernetics: How to Create Your Dream Body and Life Using the Law of Attraction’, founder of BootCampFX, the 30-minute fitness and fat loss bootcamp, and have years of experience helping people just like you reach their body and life goals. I can set you up on a fitness program and put you on the path to fitness success. www.curtisludlow.com Create health! Curtis Ludlow

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