Weight Watching: 3 Tricks to Ease the Pain of Weighing In

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By Shelly Crawford

Have you ever gone to your “weight loss” meeting and after the meeting made a b-line to a fast food restaurant with your fast food restaurant calorie book in tow? You know that you have a whole week before the next meeting … plenty of time to still lose some weight.

I’ve done that.

You seem to have momentarily forgotten about your resolve to shed those pounds, once and for all. If you can relate to the above scenario in which I told myself a story about the trip to the fast food restaurant, perhaps you’ll also relate to the three tricks below. In each case, I use a different trick to help me cope with the reality of the weigh-in.

1. Throw off Excess Baggage

Have you ever gotten on the scale with all of your clothes on, shoes included, fearing that you may have gained some weight? Then you begin to gradually remove items. Your jacket, (yes, I had my jacket on), then your shoes, then socks, your pullover shirt, the next shirt, watch, earrings and necklace … stepping on then stepping off the scale after each removal, noting the decrease in your weight each time? You’re literally losing weight right before your very eyes. How wonderful! And after removing the last article of clothing allowable (so as not to be streaking in the house), you arrive at your true weight which somehow, even though you may have gained, doesn’t come with quite the same blow as having to see it from the get go.

Yes, I have done that.

2. Postpone the Weigh In

Have you ever weighed yourself on a doctor’s office type of scale and set it at the weight you were the last time you weighed? And when you step on the scale, if the weighing arm slams to the top of the gauge, you know you’ve gained. You get off, and go on about your business without knowing exactly how much you’ve gained. Heck, for all you know you may have just gained tenths of a pound. No big deal. You’ll weigh again in a couple of days, after you’ve been more disciplined about sticking to your plan.

Yes, I have done that.

3. Eliminate Waste

How about this one … Have you ever gotten up in the morning, jumped on the scale like experts suggest; stating that it’s the best time to weigh? You make a mental note of that weight then go get rid of all the “water” in your bladder from the night before, step on the scale, and lo and behold, you’ve lost nearly a pound! What a wonderful thing. Next, if you can, you make a “move” to “eliminate” anything heavier and you’re off to a great start.

As you know, watching your weight can be difficult. It truly is a journey. Along with your tried and true weight loss program, feel free to use a couple of these ideas to ease some of the pain from time to time along the way. It could be just the thing you need to get you through another weight watching day.

Shelly Crawford is Senior Vice President of Weight Loss Partners LLC, a motivational and accountability company pertaining to long term weight management. Shelly is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach: Certified Principles of Group Exercise and Advance Resistance Training. Weight Loss Partners stresses a team approach to weight loss with the goal of building a foundation for living a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Visit Weight Loss Partners at www.weightlosspartners.com and subscribe to receive a complimentary tip every week.

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