Weight Loss As You Age

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By Jason Johns

If you are overweight, then your self esteem and self confidence can be diminished by your excess weight. Sadly our Western society is very judgmental about weight. In some cultures, being very large is seen as a sign of wealth and the height of attractiveness, but the American culture generally prefers underweight, unhealthy looking role models.

As you grow older, so your metabolism slows down and your body changes. It becomes far easier to gain weight and much harder to burn calories and remain slim. You become less active, put on fat easier and have less energy. It’s a fact of life that all but the most fortunate and active can’t avoid.

When your metabolism begins to slow you need to exercise to keep it going and to eat metabolism boosting foods such as strawberries and mustard to give yourself that little boost. You need to also monitor what you consume.

When you were younger eating ten cream cakes a day may not have had any effect on you, but as you age, you just have to look at a cream cake and you can feel the pounds begin to pile on.

Of course, excess weight not only affects your self esteem and confidence, but also can lead to other conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and more. If you really want to enjoy life as you age, you need to take action when you are younger and ensure you remain active and healthy as you age.

I always remember watching a TV problem where an explorer visited an indigenous tribe in Vietnam. Being an explorer he had an awful lot of luggage that needed carrying so employed some of the locals to carry his bags into the jungle.

The camera showed you a woman picking up a bag almost as big as her, lifting it on her back and then proceeding to walk off into the jungle. Later on the explorer was watching her and noted that this woman was over 70 years old and was fit enough to put him to shame!

With a decent diet and good exercise you can remain healthy and active until well into your old age.

Eat plenty of fresh food, reduce your refined sugar intake as well as your dairy consumption and most importantly, listen to your body and look after it.

By taking care of your body and looking after yourself you can ensure that you live longer and can enjoy life more. With the average life span increasing almost yearly, you can enjoy your retirement to a degree most people can’t.

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