We Chew Too Much Gum

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When I finally quit smoking .. my last day was November 7, 2001 .. and I consider it to be “cold turkey”, although I used the PATCH to help me. I haven’t had the urge to smoke since.

My wife, on the other hand .. quit smoking on August 13, 2001 and instead of the PATCH, chose to use Nicorette Gum to help her stop smoking. She consider’s that also to be “cold turkey”, because she hasn’t had the urge to smoke again. However, she did get addicted to Nicorette Gum. It’s funny .. and we *can* laugh at this now .. but, her doctor actually recommended that she go on the PATCH to quit CHEWING NICORETTE GUM! She considered it, and even tried a week but, then gave up the Nicorette gum for sugar-free Dentyne Ice gum.

I was always more of a bubble gum person myself, and enjoy making bubbles, dubble bubble, and all the ‘good flavors’ .. but, I eventually got used to just chewing Dentyne Ice. Besides .. it was sugar-free. It’s better for your teeth – and/or – less fattening if you swallow your gum.

Now ..5 years plus later .. once a week on shopping week, my wife buys about 10 packages of those 4-packs of Dentyne Ice (they’re not cheap .. but about $2.22 CDN at SuperStore) .. and, depending on how it goes during the week .. and how much gum I am chewing .. she may stock up at Walmart with some ‘specialty gum’ like, Mentos Gum, or other flavors of Dentyne Ice gum that I might like. However, for the most part .. it’s either Green or Blue ICE.

I thought it would be interesting to post a picture of what our drawer looks like, on Wednesdays after we stock it up with gum .. Personally, there are many days I don’t chew gum at all – but, on the days that I do – I chew maybe 3-4 packs in one night, 3 pieces at a time. So, it goes fast. My wife on the other hand, constantly chews gum practically every minute of the day, but just takes 1 piece at a time and throws out the rest into the empty used spot that she took her piece of gum from. It’s very unsanitary 🙂 and drives me nuts! I think that’s one of the reasons why I take my own packs of gum, so I don’t accidentally remove one of her USED gum pieces she places and molds to look like a perfectly new piece of gum.

Yep. Here are the pics of a week’s supply of gum for two people.

Top View

Back View

PS.. my wife did that ‘marble’ effect herself on all our cupboards .. it used to be the same 70’ish wood-brown colour as the counter edge you see. But, that’s another story.

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One Response to “We Chew Too Much Gum”
  1. Cindy says:

    Wow – that is soooo my boyfriend and me! He quit chewing tobacco and I quit smoking, btoh at the same time. We have a “gum basket” that is just as full as your drawer! Thanks for sharing and keep it up!


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