Understanding People With Schizophrenia

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By Groshan Fabiola

Even in this days general knowledge about mental illness is very little, and because of these people with schizophrenia suffer greatly. They are very marginalized and not understood. On top of the fact that they have to deal with an incurable, chronic brain disease they must also put up with the ignorance and discrimination from the rest of the normal people. People with mental problems have to be real fighters because after learning to deal with all the problems they also must learn to deal with possible difficulties from friends, finding a suitable job and a place to live. Because of the way they are locked at and treated mental patients feel left apart from society, different and disrespected.

Many of us fear that mentally ill persons are violent, fact witch is very untrue. They are in fact quite the opposite: passive towards people next to them, fearful of others and even anxious. All these facts about the violence possibilities of mental patients are in fact based on old myths that showed them as violent and aggressive. Studies done show that again it is the other way around regarding the violent behavior of mental illness patients, the tendency being for them to be victims of violence and not otherwise. As in normal people the only danger presented by mentally ill patients towards other s is when drugs or alcohol are involved or when the patient has stopped medicating.

As in the case of violence, schizophrenia patients are not necessarily more predisposed to criminal action. But exceptions do exist when the illness aggravates and the untreated person has a slightly more aggressive behavior. Hospitalization may some times be necessary in order to adequately treat the patient. Much attention should be given to these two measures that must be taken because sometimes the patient ends up in jail instead of correctly being taken to a mental institution where they can be treated accordingly with the disease they suffer from.

As said earlier people still make grave judgment errors regarding the problem: why is that person different. People go so far as to credit wild spirits for the fact that one person suffers from a mental disorder. Bad blood and lack of moral integrity are some other believes to cause these problems in people.

These days with the help of modern technology and better understanding from doctors things are beginning to change. Better understanding of the brain has lead to many breakthroughs and thus better opinions about mentally ill patients. The old believes as to why people suffer from those illnesses are also beginning to fade away.

For more resources about paranoid schizophrenia or even about types of schizophrenia please follow this link www.schizophrenia-info-center.com/

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