The Side Effects Of Stop Smoking What To Expect!

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By Chris Woodall

Maybe your family has been urging you to do it for a while, or you have been meaning to, but it is now finally the right time: you are ready to quit your cigarette habit. If you have quit caffeine in the past, you know that withdraw symptoms from any sort of drug are not very pleasant. Remember, though, that the temporary discomfort of withdraw is just one of the side effects when you stop smoking, and that there will be good benefits down the road as well. Be prepared for the side effects when you stop smoking, both bad and good, and remember that the ultimate goal is great health.

Here is a discussion of what to prepare to experience:

Changes In The Body

When you stop smoking, side effects will include a lot of physical sensations that are not very comfortable. In particular, keep the aspirin nearby, as you will be suffering from headaches during the first few days. If you have ever experienced withdrawal from caffeine, you know that those headaches can sometimes feel pretty severe, so your best preparation is with headache medicine, taken sparingly or at the start of your day for the first few days to lessen symptoms.

Other side effects when you stop smoking include a sense of tiredness, which is to be expected when you stop the use of a stimulant of a drug like nicotine. Ironically, having trouble sleeping is yet another side effect if you stop smoking, and can be a result of the other withdrawal symptoms you will have when you quit.

Changes in Behavior

Those who stop smoking report side effects in the way they act during the withdrawal period as well. In particular, those who have recently quit report irritability, depression, or feelings of anger during the withdrawal period. While those sorts of feelings are certainly not desirable, keep in mind that this is a temporary problem! If you are worried about the effect this will have on your friends and family, please let them know before you stop smoking about these side effects so they can prepare and help you through the worst of it.

Keep in mind that these sorts of effects should be expected when you quit a stimulant such as nicotine. The biggest trap with the mental as well as the physical side effects is that you will feel the urge to go back to smoking just to stop those feelings, but do not fall into this trap. If you stick with it, you will soon pass through the withdrawal phase and be experiencing health benefits that will far surpass any temporary discomfort. With that in mind, throw out your pack of cigarettes and be ready to get yourself through the hard part! You will realize that it is worth it.

If you are trying to stop smoking this can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. If you need stop smoking help go to to get a review of Nicocure the all natural patch.

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2 Responses to “The Side Effects Of Stop Smoking What To Expect!”
  1. This article should be part of the promo for any quit smoking campaign. Many people jump into quitting and then give up because they cannot take the withdrawal symptoms. I feel it should be progressive. The smoking habit is not easy to kick. It takes time and effort. A good way to start would be to review what you can take as a reduction. Some maybe start to reduce by one stick a day, others, a few more. What’s most important is to be consistent. Here, try to use the code of law on your side. Sit at non-smoking areas at cafes and other public spaces so you don’t get influenced. Remember, every person who quits smoking is one step towards the green effort as that would mean less smoke in the air.

  2. Although there are many hundreds ways to try to stop smoking, stop smoking hypnosis could be the most successful method.

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