THE HART-SERIES: Weigh-in: Week 16.5

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Wednesday May 2, 2007

272.5 lbs

>> UP 1.5 lbs (since April 14th)
>> YTD 9.5 lbs down


Although, technically I should be weighing myself on Saturday Mornings – I wanted to weigh in again, to a new figure where I can trust and see results from my actions. As I mentioned in my earlier post .. I haven’t been doing anything since Mid-April and, although I tried to eat a little healthy .. it was low priority for me. But, today I started a new page in my notebook and I have my pen handy and it’s next to our kitchen table right near the pantry …

You know .. for some reason, I was secretly hoping that all the stress would naturally burn calories and fat off of my body, which of course is silly! But .. if I’m up 1.5 lbs today .. I probably was up 5-6 lbs a week ago, because I hardly ate anything over the weekend as my Income Tax Deadline came closer and closer to April 30th. My body is still fluctuating and trying to get back to normal strength .. in fact, I just woke up at 11:45am today, DAY 2 after my deadline! And, I’m still tired as heck. I think I still need a full 24 hours of sleep to really catch up and get my inner body works back into synch.

Meanwhile .. it’s week 16.5 since the beginning of the year – but, I’m going to think of it as another way – only NINE WEEKS LEFT before Summer Starts! Time to get fit, well .. at least lose some weight 😀

I just thought of something.

It’s been easier to keep track of points during the winter months, because I had a jacket – and inner pocket to hold my notepad and pen. Now that it’s warming up .. I’m going to have to carry that thing manually everywhere I go. I’m going to have to get something, to look more business like – so, I don’t feel embarrassed or anything like that, and suddenly decide one day to NOT bring my notepad just that one day .. because, out of habits .. that will probably lead to me never bringing my notepad out with me ever! Something to think about.

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