THE HART-SERIES: May 1, 2007 to May 12, 2007

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News, Updates, and Reflections

Nothing new here … after the April 30th deadline and adrenalin rush slow down occurred, and I was getting trying to get all of the “wakeup” pills out of my system too .. I found that I had problems getting back into the swing of things. Then, to make matters worse .. I suddenly realized that I should never have stopped because I am STILL super busy, and pounding to be meeting all of my deadlines before June 15th. I’ve got work deadlines of May 31st and June 30th that I think is under control .. if you call control having the work sit in a box next to your home office desk with a piece of paper stapled to the box with black in text .. “DO ME BEFORE MAY 31st” on it!

Yes .. I’m still battling my obesity problems. I’m not losing weight. However, I am not gaining weight. That in my head is stopping me from losing weight, because in my own very mind – I have been successful in the opposite of ways, by not gaining weight.

After May 1st came and went .. I finally got back to my early morning exercising routines, if you can call it that, with my stationery bike and rowing machines in the basement .. but I stopped after about a week. I’m getting these muscle locks in my legs – where I pull a muscle and it’s like a jolt of electricity has been turned on and there is great pain while I dance around the room walking off the pain, trying to get feeling once again.

Since this past Monday after Mothers’ Day, I have been out walking as an alternative. My dogs Maxxie and Sophie hate me, because I am not taking them with me. It’s just that I don’t feel I am getting exercise with them when I walk. And, I’m just walking down about 6 streets to the local bank, post office or Tim Hortons – and I always end up inside the place where dogs are not allowed anyway. I don’t feel guilty, because my wife has been taking them for the odd walk every couple of days (Whew!). Where do you draw the line? I need to get back into shape. I know they want to go outside, but they will survive and get their share of outside this summer!

This May Long Weekend .. we are heading out for the first time to the cottage out in Victoria Beach, Manitoba .. (here’s pictures from last year). It’s supposed to be cold .. about hi of 11c and low of 0c .. with possibility of rain this weekend. A little chilly, but we will only be doing ‘day’ trips and not staying over. I imagine I will be on leaf and raking patrol this weekend and I’m sure Maxxie and Sophie will be getting lots of walks around this weekend!

Yvonne’s Corner

I created a new category here, and have been trying to get my wife to part-time blog on this blog (translation: begging!). She’s in great shape, and I’m so proud of what she accomplished and continues to do to maintain and be healthy. I believe she books approximately 8-9 hours during the week at Shapes Fitness Center, (1 hr or 2hr sessions) and wants to share some articles she receives about fitness training. I hope to encourage her to write more but I will gladly accept less, if anything! She’s been gearing up for the summer cottage routine, by foregoing a few hours at the gym and instead going jogging for a spell, then taking the dogs out for a short walk. I hope that my readers will leave her lots of comments, to get her motivated to write more and get hooked on blogging! I know, that’s sneaky – but Shhhh! I know she would love to help me with my blogging ventures .. if only she didn’t like blogging! But, she’s passionate about being healthy .. it’s almost like blogging, isn’t it?

Yvonne’s corner .. watch for it .. staring before the End of May!

Pictures Between May 1-12, 2007

Basically, this is what I have been eating .. I must upload them to clear my camera memory or fear of accidentally deleting them for a better picture of something else. I will try to place adequate descriptions with the image, so all you have to do is mouseover them. Throughout this period, I believe I have been eating healthy foods, although I can remember days eating at the following places, with no pictures:

(1) Palatal Restaurant for Mongolian Stirfry x 2. No pics
(2) A&W Restaurant for Double Mozza Burger Super Sized Meal *sigh .. I was weak*. No pics
(3) I took my brother out on his 50th birthday to AppleBees Restaurant but, had the Oriental salad. No pic.
(4) Mothers Day. BBQ. Appetizers. Desserts. need I say more? No pics.

And .. yes .. I seem to be eating a lot more Blueberry Bagels now .. instead of Whole Wheat bread.

Two turkey sandwiches on blueberry bagels

May 2-I finished the LoFat Italian Meatballs that were in the Freezer

May 2-Raspberries and Milk. Although, all you need is 1/2 cup of milk per 1-cup of raspberries

May 2-I bought these 1.5 litre water bottles that fit those Crystal Lite packages. If not that, I've been trying to drink at least 1 jug per day

May 3-Mandarin Oranges are back! I've been adding 1-2 to every Salad I make now.

May 3-Cant find any SmartScoop anymore .. but Breyers has a good alternative. Raspberries and some Syrop make it a nice snack

May 3-Have you tried those new Crispy Delights Yet? Just as good as Thinsations and same amount of WW points

May 4-Turkey Sandwich on Blueberry bagel with a Salad

May 6-Microwaveable soup and blueberry bagels with coffee. This is pretty much my daily lunch, after shopping days that is when we get fresh bagels

May 6-#4012 Oranges are back! #4012 Oranges are back! Yippee!

May 6-What can I say? Click for a closeup.. MmmmMMmMmm

May 7-Turkey Sandwiches on Blueberry Bagels - Can you tell I like this?

May 8-I whipped up a batch of Egg Salad (egg, mayo, green onions) add Bacon Bits

May 8-Sure: not an everyday treat, but Ice Cream and Syrop is always a treat and helps settle my stomach after a hearty meal, am I right? :D

May 8-Sophie (left) and Maxxie (right) waiting for the OK to eat their sliced hard boiled egg

May 9-Egg Salad Sandwiches with Blueberry Bagels

May 10-Soup and Salad

May 12-Toasted blueberry bagels with Peanut Butter

May 12-BBQ Chicken (sliced in half) on a Blueberry Bagel

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