Starting a New Diet – What You Need To Know

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By Brodie Heinrichsen

The majority of weight loss programs include substantial information about nutrition, food, and meal plans; however they usually fail to address important aspects of the regular person’s life style. If you don’t address these issues before starting a diet program even the very best weight loss plan will undoubtedly fail. There are questions everyone should ask them selves before they start any kind of weight loss program so they may succeed.

1. Can you accept what you cannot change?

People can be cruel; we find this out growing up as kids and even when we become adults. Even our families can hurt our feelings whether they intend to or not. One thing is for sure, no matter how or what you do to yourself you cannot change the way other people will react. “Oh you’re in another diet plan; let’s see how long this one lasts”. Expect to hear people say this; especially if this isn’t the first time you started a diet. What you can control is how you respond in side yourself and on the outside. The way you respond will determine your mind set.

2. What are your current eating habits?

Do you eat while your driving, or at your work desk? You need to determine how your current eating habits will factor in with the new food choices you will have.

3. Are you prepared to change your home environment?

You need to factor in how your home life will fit in with your new chosen life style. Are you home chaotic, messy, or even noisy? Do you barley have time to sit down and have one of your new gourmet meals? There will be a lot of planning and rearranging. How will you change this?

4. Are you prepared to eat differently than your friends and family at social functions?

Often times when people get together socially it involves eating. The problem with this for you is that maybe your friends or family don’t eat the kinds of foods that your new lifestyle requires you to eat. This can be a huge problem because the temptations of the high in fat, high in carbohydrate foods that you have eliminated from your life are now sitting in front of you screaming at you to just have one bite. How will you address this problem?

5. Will you be able to monitor yourself objectively?

It happens to often that when people reach the ideal weight they think they can go back to their old eating habits. There is a huge warning sign that you should watch for. When your waist line on your pants get tighter will you just ignore it and continue destroying all the hard work you had accomplished? Or will you be able to be objective?

6. How the lifestyle of your family and friends can affect you losing weight?

If you live in a world where everyone around you is overweight, lazy, or just a coach potato stuffing their faces how will you be able to overcome this obstacle? Will you be influenced by them to fall into their bad habits or will their appearance motivate you?

7. Can I still eat out?

What kind of restaurants do you normally go too? Do you attend places where you can order something that fits your new lifestyle or do you go out for the quickie fast food binge? If the portions of your meal are too big will you be able to leave the extra food on the plate?

8. Is your kitchen prepared?

Take a look around your kitchen; if you’ve decided to take on a diet that involves you cooking the food do you have the right equipment? Where will you store what you need? What I mean is will you put the items where it will become a hassle to reach them or will you keep them where they are easily acquired? Do you have enough freezer or fridge space to store the supplies of food? What will you do to overcome this?

9. Are you being honest with yourself?

You try a new diet that you found on the web; this diet requires you to eat tons of fruit and vegetables. However, you know you can’t stand fruit and have never liked the taste of vegetables. Who do you think will win at the end of the day? Probably the you that doesn’t like fruit and vegetables. What is it that you do not like about fruit and vegetables? The color, the taste, the texture, and the time it takes to cook them? If you are planning to start a diet that involves something that you normally don’t like you really need to sit back and address this. If you aren’t being honest with your self then you will never succeed.

Now that you’ve sat back and taken the time to go over all these questions with yourself and decided whether or not you can accomplish them then you will know if you are prepared to put the work in that it takes to start, stick with and finish a weight loss program. If you cannot come up with a solution to these questions, then you probably aren’t ready.

If you have decided it is now time to move on with your life and take the next step in weight loss freedom. Then click the following link to view the best weight loss and exercise programs on the net.

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  1. Well .. you seem to have some interesting videos on your site .. do you ever follow them? I know myself, I read the articles in this blog – but, I should also be following them with more devotion.

  2. my nutrition sucks, I eat candies every day and can’t change my habits 🙁

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