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By Mac C

Having a goal is vital. Without a goal, life is just dull and unmotivated because you don’t have anything that you want to achieve or obtain. So, what is your goal? Are you thinking of weight loss? If yes, you must have a proper goal and fitness plan to obtain your perfect figure.

To set a weight loss goal, always remember the basics ‘what, when, why and how’. First, you must determine the goal that you desire in a specific way. For instance, instead of setting goal like ‘I want to lose weight’, change it to ‘I want to lose 20 pounds’. This will give you a clear picture of what you are going to accomplish. Second, set a deadline for your goal. This is to prevent you from delaying the plans. Avoid from having an unrealistic timeframe. If the period is too short, you may put yourself into frustration when you fail to do it. Third, dwell on why you want that goal so much. Again, get as detail as possible, like you want to have weight loss so you can wear the beautiful dress on your birthday party. Finally, plan on how you are going to reach your goal. For example, exercise for 2 hours each day with your fitness equipment and replacing junk food with healthy food like fruits.

After having a clear view of your weight loss goal and fitness plan, it’s important to write it down. Get a big poster with your goal written down and paste it in your room or office. This is to ensure you see it everyday and push yourself to do it. Then, try to manage and separate your goal into monthly goals. They are more achievable when you break it into smaller targets. Write them down with your action plan and deadline on the calendar or planner. Every time you review it, you will be more focus with your goal. Besides that, you should also keep track of your daily exercise and food intake. For instance, how frequent you eat, the type of exercise you did, the duration and so on. This journal will be useful for you to examine your progress.

Sometimes, you may find it hard to carry out your weight loss goal and action plan. Review and determine whether it’s just your weakness or the plan is too harsh. If it is just your laziness, push yourself more and avoid the same mistake. However, if it’s about the plan, do not ignore it. Alter the plan a bit so you can move on. Do not stop at a point too long or it will ruin your whole plan.

A weight loss goal is easier to accomplish if you own some support. Be it your friends, family or lover, let them know what you are doing to gain support from them. However, if you get any negative respond, do not give up. Try to turn to online support group. Meanwhile you must be confident with yourself. Not believing in yourself is like putting a big stone in front of you. It will only stop you from marching towards your goal. Hence, you should boost your confidence. Get some motivational items for yourself like t-shirt, mug or pillow. Let it reminds you on your goal, and also encourage and motivate you not to quit easily. In addition, paste an anti-craving sticker to remind you not to drop into the trap of temptation. Besides that, motivational and inspirational stories may also help you in gaining some courage.

Finally, you must make sure you are determine and really strive for your goal as weight loss process requires consistency, discipline, confident and self control. If you have made it for the monthly goal, reward yourself with a gift. You may even give yourself a one day rest, putting your goal aside just for one day. On the other hand, if you fail to obtain the significant result you have longing for, remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Be patient and put more effort into it.

Good luck for your weight loss goal and endeavors!

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