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By Nataly Orlova

The foods we eat not able only to give us excess weight. It contains all substances we need to heal and defend us also. Some of foodstuffs strengthen our immune system; others defend our digestive tract improving its activity. Food can decrease risk of oncological diseases, save you from myocardial infarction, keep your brain safe from stroke and loss of memory, strengthen bones and vision.

The state of health in many respects is determined by nutrition. Right balanced feeding will not only help you to succeed in weight loss but keep you healthy too. In many cases it can rid you from old chronic health problems that never leave you during many years.

Everybody of course has desire to look slim and beautiful in the beginning of spring/summer season. So it is very useful to think about yourself already in winter. That saves you from tough diets in spring. This way you have plenty of time to achieve good results.

It is not necessary to starve that nice new bathing suit you want to buy fits you well. Your choice is 1-2 fasting days in a week. Grow thin easily and with pleasure.

There are plenty of variants. It is important to choose one that suits you exactly.
Fasting days may be divided on two groups “full” and “hungry”. “Full” fasting days are ideal for those who want to have weight loss but still have no program and are against drastic weight loss. This way you feel almost no hunger easily achieving good results.

“Full” fasting days is useful to have 2-3 times before holidays too.
In variants here bellow I show you general quantity of food for one day. Calorie content for every day is 700-1000 calories. It is important that liquid you get a day must be not less than 1.5 liters (~3 pints). So don’t forget drink mineral water (without gas) or not strong tea.

Variant 1. Meat with fresh vegetables.
It is 400gr (~1lb) of boiled meat (veal, beef, chicken white meat) with almost no salt and 800gr (~2lb) also not salted fresh vegetables. Divide this meal on 4-5 parts and eat during a day when your sense of hunger claims. Get a glass of not fat yoghurt before sleep.

Variant 2. Seafood with stewed vegetables.
It is 500gr (1lb) boiled or baked almost without salt seafood and 800gr (~2lb) stewed vegetables without salt too. You may use cauliflower, aubergines, tomatoes, sweet pepper, kidney beans. Don’t forget to drink 1.5 liters (~3 pints) of drinks we mentioned above.

Variant 3. Fruits salad.
It is 1.5kg (3lb) of various fruits in form of salad dressed with 300ml (0.5 pint) of not fat yoghurt. Divide it on 5 parts. Have a glass of not fat yoghurt before sleep. Water and tea is obligatory.

Variant 4. Berry day.
It is 800gr (2lb) of any berries and 400gr (1lb) of not fat curd. Divide meal on portions and eat it according your sense of hunger.

During “full” fasting days don’t forget about water, fruit tea or other healthy drinks that your fat would be burned successfully! Using such fasting days you will never make harm to your health. On the contrary you succeed in weight loss in a healthy manner.

About “hungry” fasting days read in the next article.

That is your weight loss tip for today.

Be healthy,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nataly Orlova is a recognized authority on the subject of overweight and obesity problems. Her articles published in provides a wealth of information on everything you’ll ever need to know about overweight, obesity and other health problems.

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