I Do Cardio Every Day, Why am I Not Losing Weight?

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By Antonio T

Your goal, to lose weight. Your solution, reading while on a treadmill or reading while doing the elliptical and reading while riding the bike on the lowest level. Let me give you a scenario:

The other day, I walked in on my roommate who happened to be on my exercise bike. He was playing the playstation while, slowwwly pedaling away. Later that day, he came to me and asked why he hadn’t lost any weight? My reaction,”Ummm…??” Exactly, I didn’t know what to say. Earlier that day, I’d saw him playing a video game while doing cardio. “What’s wrong with this picture?” His heart rate couldn’t have been 10 points above resting!

Are you one of those people that do something I mentioned in the above? Are you curious as to why you’re not losing weight? Well, I have 3 possible solutions for you!

1) Caloric deficit and diet

Here’s the obvious, you need to burn more calories than you take in. There are a 100 methods you can use to calculate this. Personally, I’m not a calorie counter but, I’m not going to give you some method to calculate the “PERFECT” caloric requirements for you. What I will say is this, “Your diet must change!” It’s really that simple and you need to eat WHOLE FOOD. Now, I’m also not going to tackle a precise diet here but, I will say one thing though, It should consist mostly of whole foods. Example: lean meats, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables and some fruit. Remember you should be eating around every 3 hours (INCLUDING BREAKFAST). You’re meals should be slightly smaller than normal. This means you could very well be consuming the same amount of calories, but more spread out during the day. That means you get a constant flow of nutrients for your body throughout the day.

2) Cardio

Say you do one of the types of cardio I mentioned above. If you are one of those people that pace themselves for 30, 45 or even 60 minutes on a machine and wonder why you’re not losing weight, here’s your answer:

If you’re morbidly obese and get tired after walking for 10 minutes you will be doing yourself a great deal of good by pacing yourself, but why? Think about this, you’re doing cardiovascular exercises and you’re trying to elevate your heart rate. If you aren’t sweating or breathing a little hard, you are NOT elevating your heart rate enough to do jack. Instead of spending an hour doing cardio, “UP YOUR INTENSITY!” Do sprinting paces mixed with jogging paces and if you can read while you’re doing cardio, “YOU ARE NOT DOING CARDIO.” Now I will say this, at first you can go a little slower, but when things seem a little easier, “UP THE INTENSITY!” You have to push yourself to see results! When you’re done with cardio, you should be breathing hard (pre cool down) and sweating. I don’t care if you don’t sweat, “YOU BETTER BE SWEATING YOUR ASS OFF!”

Have you ever tried solving a puzzle? Once you solve a puzzle, it gets a little easier the next time. The more practice it takes, the less time you’ll spend doing the puzzle. This is kind of like when you do any type of exercise (CARDIO included). Your body gets used to the stimulus and it doesn’t feel like it has to adapt, so it doesn’t. Hence that results in you burning less calories because your body knows what to expect. Change things up and it doesn’t matter how.

One day use a bike, one day run around the track, one day walk at an incline, one day use the eliptical. I’m not saying you have to do something different every day, but at the minimum changes the speeds, times, and types of exercises every couple of weeks.

3) Weight training

When overweight people only do cardio to drop fat, it is very possible for them to lose the weight. Usually when this happens, they get what a lot of us like to call the “skinny fat”. Sure, you’ve lost the weight but, you’re still worried because there is no definition. You’ve still got fat and no muscle underneath to give you some shape. That’s one of the MANY reasons I always recommend weight training in addition to cardio and a proper diet.

Another major reason you should weight train if you are trying to better your physique is that more lean muscle means a higher metabolism. That in turn, means you’ll be burning more calories while you’re sitting on your butt. That’s a good thing! No, you don’t get bulky just from lifting weights. People that look “jacked,” spend a lot of time on their diet and weight training regime. It’s not easy and doesn’t happen just because you work out and eat moderately healthy. It is typically a carefully planned endeavor, so in the end you’re burning calories while lifting weights and more so even after your done. Because at the end of the day (figuratively speaking) you’ll have more muscle and a higher metabolism. You’ll be skyrocketing your fat burning potential.

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15 Responses to “I Do Cardio Every Day, Why am I Not Losing Weight?”
  1. AnaNa miss says:

    Myfitnesspal. This app will change your body. Eat anything you want and lose.

  2. cody says:

    calories in – calories out is old outdated science. if that were true then my brother in law who weighs 165 at 6’5 would be fat by now with his diet composing mostly of mcdonalds. its all about metabolism and hormones. but more importantly hormones, specifically insulin. insulin impedes the bodies fat burning furnace and keeps fat cells from shrinking. by reducing your insulin by reducing your blood sugar, weight loss WILL occur. if you were to condense out human existance to about a years time, we starting eating grains and breads YESTERDAY. our bodies simply arent built for carbohydrate consumption

    • Eliya says:

      All the exercise and nutritional knowledge on carbs cannot help with long term weight loss until the mental and emotional baggage is released. Stress and emotional eating cannot be released entirely without the missing factor that allows weight loss to occur.
      The missing factor is releasing all resistance to weight loss.
      It is a very real issue, and generally what stops weight loss, or what brings it back again.

    • Chris says:

      Calories in, calories out still applies, and unless our bodies evolve in such a manner in which heat energy is used in a dramatically different manner; which would take a few million years more than what in the realm of scientific study is considered “old”.

      At the whim of thermodynamics, if your body consumes more energy than provided, it will consume energy from stores sources: fats, muscles; organs and other energy sources. Human metabolism is constantly adapting to the amount of heat energy it has available to function, which is precisely why starving yourself of calories for an extended period of time can lead to long term changes in resting metabolic rate and how the body stores energy, and it what forms.

      Our bodies aren’t “built” for anything. It is in a constant state of evolution and adaptation, which is how some groups of peoples share specific metabolic identifiers whilst others will have different base results- although genetics, as a standing point, has less impact on metabolism and hormonal balance than dietary and lifestyle aspects of an individual.

      If your brother in law is human than his body still operates under the pretense of calories in, calories out. Having a faster metabolism than average means his body is not as efficient with heat energy and thus has to consume large amounts of calories to maintain his current weight. There are lots of factors regarding energy consumption and human behavior; even the simple idiosyncrasies some people have involving body movement (twitching, moving limbs about while idle, etc.) can lead to a yearly net loss of what could translate into anything from one to ten pounds of body weight a year.

      While calories in, calories out, is based on simple thermodynamics, the humans under such restrains are highly complex and simply casting aside this concept as “old science”, with various anecdotal evidence shows less about the validity of this concept and more of general ignorance on the subject.

  3. ken says:

    what this guy is saying isn’t really groundbreaking…just obvious pointers. Push yourself to burn more calories, lift weights to increase muscle mass (i.e. increase metabolism), and eat healthy. Very basic advice for an amateur. That everybody on the planet doesn’t know this is pathetic.

  4. She Still Waddles says:



    • HART (1-800-HART) says:

      This is a “battling for health” site .. not a “crap” site.

      Our tagline is “battling the monster: diseases” and our “About” section currently states..

      We seek to bring you the latest in health news, opinion, resources, and off-beat stories

      …not actual advice or help. Our disclaimer on the bottom of every page in this site also states:

      NOTE: The contents in this blog are for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or a substitute for professional care. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before making changes to any existing treatment or program. Some of the information presented in this blog may already be out of date.

      Jana .. you came to ask for advice (see below) and just because you didn’t get it or cannot lose weight .. there’s no reason to be mean.

      Thanks ..

  5. Jackie says:

    Ok. My BFF and I have been doing a Boot Camp for 3 weeks now. On Mondays and Wednesdays. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays we do aquasize. This is week 3 for us. But we don’t see any difference on the scale. Like we feel better after a good workout. Just the scale doesn’t show any difference. Well it does, but it’s showing a gain. Kinda depressing:( So are we going to lose or what?? We just don’t get it. Our Boot Camp is straight cardio. For an hour each class. PLEASE can you tell me if we’re doing something wrong……Thanks;)

  6. She Still Waddles says:

    Hi, help!
    I am getting so very discouraged and thought I might ask for your advice.
    I am about 20 pounds overweight but in good health generally (female, age 38). 8 weeks ago I overhauled my already fairly decent diet to a very, very clean one: only whole foods, 6 small meals per day, tons of veggies, very little fat (tiny bit of heart-healthy and omega 3’s), protein source is wild elk and wild caught fish, some fruit, everything organic, tons of water….honestly, on paper it looks perfect! I’m eating about 1500 calories per day and doing a minimum of 6 hours of high intensity/interval cardio every single week, 6 out of 7 days (cross country skiing, biking hard hills, and treadmill when the weather is bad). A little bit of weight training, I know I could do more.

    Sounds good, eh?

    I haven’t lost one pound. Not one. Barely any change in my measurements.
    I’m near to tears over how disciplined I’ve been, hard I’ve worked, and absolutely no results! Ok, that’s overkill, I do feel much better emotionally, but a beer can do that with much less effort. 🙂

    Any thoughts?

    She Still Waddles

    • cody says:

      watch the movie fathead. its a follow up to supersize me and opened my eyes to the bs the fda and cdc has been feeding us. by lowering your fat intake your impeding your brain of important nutrients and many people on low carb diets wind up depressed. dr. pritikin, the man who invented the pritiken diet which demonstrates low fat high carbs, killed himself. low fat diets just dont work because its something most people simply cant live with. i lost 15 lbs in a month, eating what i want. the movie again is called fathead.

  7. Patrick says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. I did a spin class last night for the first time. I thought I would die, BUT I sweated like crazy! Thanks again, Patrick

  8. Steven says:

    Hi Patrick,
    it looks like you’ll have to pick up the intesity.
    If I were to do the cardio routine I started with, I’d hardly break a sweat.
    This is a good sign that you’re progressing, keep it up!

  9. Patrick says:

    I am 43 and 172 lbs. Doesn’t sound bad but I am only 5’6″. I a have been doing cardio for about two weeks and have lost about 10 lbs. What struck me in your answer was the sweating factor. I exercise at my heart level around 145. Even though the more I do cardio the longer it takes me to get there. However, even after 45 minutes in my 80% zone I am hardly sweating. I look around and other people are soaking wet! Am I still not working hard enough? I do drink alot of water through out the day and while exercising. What do you think. Thanks, Patrick

  10. Nate says:

    This is excellent, i have just started my cardio training and i was wondering whether i was doing to little or not enough.

    This advise has helped me figure out that my training is ok at present but you need to keep the intesity HIGH!!

    the only thing im querying is the idea of doing something else while training…personally i hate bike riding! but i have been doin 40mins a day, 20mins to start with at high intestity and i sweat but because i hate it i need to take my mind off it so i watch a video on my ipod…

    while i take a break i jog for 8mins and everyday im increasing that by a min so im doing quite well

    remember i am sweating…so is there a problem with me looking at my ipod while bike riding?

    • Tina says:

      I think the problem with most people is that they expect instant results and aren’t willing to make life long commitments to change their bodies. I have been guilty of that for sure. I recently (about a month ago) started training with kettlebells. I highly reccomend this kind of conditioning workout to EVERYONE. It’s intense conditioning cardio and weight training all packed into one and you do not have to workout for an hour everyday. 20 minutes 4 times a week is all I do. I have noticed a significant difference in my body. I am defining shape and am using muscles I didn’t know I had. I have clearly lost inches and feel my clothing is getting loose, but as far as what the scale says, the loss is minimal. But after years of scale hopping and brain washing over a number on a scale, I have realized that if I actually work hard and am patient and consistent, that number will eventually decrease and that instant gratification is NOT the solution. I will be a much stronger and healthier person, I will have learned a better way to live my life by eating correctly and exercising regularly. So my advice? Suck it up and put in the time and effort. Push yourselves…results are inevitable if you kick yourself in the ass a little. 🙂

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