How Swimming Can Lose Weight

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By Lawrence Chok

Swimming is a whole body exercise and not only can lose weight but also can improve your heart and lung functions. This exercise also can train up all your muscles. Because of water buoyancy; when you swim in the water, your bones are fully relaxed. This is good for those who want to increase their height, especially those young teenagers.

Actually, swimming is a huge energy consumption exercise. This is because the water resistance during swim in water is far greater than the air resistance during exercise on land. Just walk in the water already consume a lot of energies, if swim in the water much more calories will be consumed. Meanwhile, the thermal conductivity of water is 24 times greater than the atmosphere and the water temperature is lower than normal temperature, so this is conducive to heat loss and energy consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption from swimming is greater than those exercises on the land. So, the weight loss effect is more obviously.

Swimming can avoid injury from waist and lower limbs exercises. When perform weight loss exercise on land, because of body weight is heavy, it will cause certain part of body (especially the lower extremities and waist) to sustain the enormous gravity load. So, it may easily damage joints and lower limb bones. Therefore, this will reduce the exercise capacity, easy fatigue and gradually reduce the interest in weight loss exercise. However, when swim in water, a portion of body weight will bared by the water buoyancy. So, the load is reduced and the risk of injury to the joints and bone is much lower.

You can enjoy the service of natural massage. During swimming, the water buoyancy, resistance and pressure will become an excellent massage on the human body. It also may help in the beauty of skin.

Resistance of movement in the water is 12 times greater as compare on land. So, when you move your limbs in the water, you will be able to feel a strong resistance. This will train up your back, chest, abdomen, hip and leg muscles. That is the reason why those swimming athletes have clear lines of muscles. Swimming also is an exciting exercise and the heat loss in water is faster than air. In other words, the rate of heat loss in water will be very fast and a large number of calories will be soon consumed during swimming. Therefore, those excess body fats will be easily burned out.

In order to have a good result, a plan is needed for the swimming training. For the beginner: you continuously swim for 3 minutes and then take a rest for 1-2 minutes. After that, you swim for another 2 times, as well as three minutes. If you feel that these are not cost you too much effort to complete, then you can proceed to the second stage: you continuously swim for 10 minutes with average speed and then take a break of 3 minutes (totally 3 times). If you still feel that very relax, then set the time to 20 minutes each …., until as long as 30 minutes. If you feel that the intensity of increment is too fast, then you should adjust to the level that you can accepted. Because of the physical exertion for swimming is quite high, it is recommended perform this training once every 2 days. At least you have 1 day to recover back your energy.

The rate of metabolism will be very fast during swimming. In 30 minutes of swimming can consume 1,100 calories and this metabolic rate still can continue for a certain period of times after you leave the water. So swimming is an ideal weight loss method. For those who are slim and thin, swimming is a good method for them to gain weight. It is because swimming can develop every part of muscles by increasing the size of the muscles and causing weight gain. In order to have smooth lines of muscles, swimming will be the good choice.

Base on above information, swimming really is a good exercise to help in slimming or weight loss. However, well preparation and safety should be done before swimming to prevent accidents.

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24 Responses to “How Swimming Can Lose Weight”
  1. Dani says:

    I just started taking swimming lessons at this summer and have already noticed a difference. This is a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. Thank you for this article.

  2. Very good Article! Those tips as well as information are well worthwhile seeing. You truly myself worthwhile information. Thanks for posting it!

  3. I’ve seen somewhere a commercial or something about some guy swimming the Grand Canyon and there was a bunch of doctors saying how healthy that was … I’ll stay with the regular swimming thank you.

  4. I really love swimming.

    I wasn’t very good at it at first because I couldn’t get my breathing technique right, but after I got that covered it is probably my favourite type of cardio workout.

    Thanks for a great article btw.

  5. Swimming is much better than doing excercises in a gym. Swimming is also one of the best methods to burn fat 🙂 and it creates amazing sexy figure in men.

  6. MaleVirility says:

    Swimming is just one way of doing sports, not more – not less. To consider swimming as means to lose weight is quite a stretch because for a person with 200 pounds it would be a vain project s to lose weight through swimming. Or does anyone know a person who succeeded in losing substantially weight explicitly through swimming? The effort, time and discipline it takes to lose weight just by doing sports is asking too much of most candidates who want to (or have to) lose weight.

    Nevertheless, it’s great how the above article outlines the benefits of choosing swimming as your sportive activity.

  7. Cat Tools says:

    I swimming every day and is really helpfull but is need more … change what you eat and more sport. Swimming is a good start for start with sport. I am so happy to have a pool on my place 🙂

  8. Katie says:

    Yup, I agree. Swimming is one of the better exercises to do if you have joint problems. However, for faster weight loss, I would recommend something like using the running or jump rope.

    Katie Yates

  9. Swimming is one of the best exercise ever. It can help us burn everywhere fat in the body.
    We can see the shape of swimmer are all V shape.
    BTW great posted

  10. Scuf says:

    haha .. i am happy to like swimming … but i am heavy,, than is be better i go more swimming

  11. Marry Lou says:

    Swimming is really great activity. Me and my husband have decided to do something for ourselves and are going to a local indoor swimming pool every week. The weightloss may not be noticeable yet, but we are really feeling much better and the loss of pounds will surely follow. Two thumbs up for swimming.
    Marry Lou, webmaster of potpourri catalog

  12. Peg Rhodes says:

    Yes swimming is a great way to lose weight, but swimming is also great cardiovascular workout and it is extremely low impact. I began swimming regularly about a year ago now when I was having problem with my feet and couldn’t walk on the treadmill.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Swimming is one of the best types of physical exercise available – it is great for a number of muscle groups and yes, it can also help with weight loss.

    Rebecca, virus protection free

  14. “Actually, swimming is a huge energy consumption exercise. This is because the water resistance during swim in water is far greater than the air resistance during exercise on land. Just walk in the water already consume a lot of energies, if swim in the water much more calories will be consumed. ” I have found this to be true. I can get a lot more exercise done in a short time if I do it in the water. Swimming and “water jogging” in hip deep water have helped me get into pretty decent shape.

    Tracey Madsen
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  15. I have recently returned to swimming for exercise and weight loss. I found that running was too hard on my knees and ankles. And, I like the peacefulness of being in the pool. It’s a great workout, and doesn’t damage your body long term like running does.

    Tracey Madsen
    Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman

  16. Not sure if I posted incorrectly a moment ago, so i will say it again… As a 135 kilo male you have convinced me as to the merits of swimming as a means of helping to lose weight. I am going to try it as hard as I can. Thank you again for the advice.

    Please feel free to delete one of my two posts as I am not sure which one will be accepted.

  17. Latoya Fars says:

    amazing post I really appreciate the info!

  18. Swimming is a great way privvesti sebya in the form) to lose a few extra pounds, people will soon wake up spring! Relevant information, to-morrow in the pool!

  19. RakamaGraham says:

    I really love the massage service in between its very relaxing thanks for the information enjoyed it.

  20. mike says:

    This article is really useful, I could find the information what I was looking for; cancer and lose weight.. Thanks, so much..

  21. Tristen says:

    Great Weight Loss Post. Thumbs up from this critic. I like it.

  22. Natasha says:

    This was so great to read. A lot of other articles/forums I’ve read were the total opposite. I’m going to continue swimming all summer. 🙂 Thanks

  23. praju212 says:

    Its a great piece of info. In the areas with burning summers, swim tank is not less than heaven

  24. Jackie Jaramillo says:

    Love this information on Swimming and weightloss.

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