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By Al Villa

One of the exercises that has become quite popular is the exercise ball. If you are looking for results you can easily do the routines at home and get surprising results. The concept is based on the fact that you get a better work out because your body is very unstable on the exercise ball. This requires you to use muscles you normally do not use in other type of aerobic activities.

Basically what you do is pretty much routines you would do otherwise. For example when you do crunches on the exercise ball you are twisting and bending in order to stabilize yourself. In addition to getting a good tummy work out you are also getting a workout in other muscles with the compressing, twisting and bending.

There are many different routines you can do with the exercise ball. When you first start out you want to take it easy. Start with the exercises that are easy such as ball balance, hip extensions, butt extension and back extension. Get used to the ball, you can even just sit on it and watch TV to become acquainted. It seems a little awkward at first, just like anything new. Once you make the ball your friend it will be fun. And always be sure to follow the traditional good rule of warming up with light cardio routines.

One of the other things you can do is search on the internet for examples of free exercise ball routines. There are many sites that offer free advice. But before that you need an exercise ball. You can find them in most sporting goods stores but better yet you can get them on the internet. Some sites that offer advice also offer a free exercise ball if you sign up for one of their programs.

This is a great way to get your abs in shape and also other parts of your body. But remember that diet is also important and be sure to follow a healthy diet plan for best results. Always keep in mind the formula for weight loss, if that is your goal –you must burn off more calories than you take in. So a combination of taking in less calories and burning more calories with the exercise ball gives you a one two punch. In no time you will be feeling and looking great. You can get all this accomplished in the comfort of you home.

Al Villa is a retired Judge and internet entrepreneur. He loves to write articles and you can use them as free content provded you include the whole article and this resource box with this hot link: Al Work At Home
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