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By Dan Gluckman

Overcoming Nicotine Addiction
Nicotine addiction is extremely powerful – ranking up there with heroin in terms of its strength. However, your physical addiction only represents only about 20-40% of your dependency — the bulk of the addiction is purely psychological. That’s good news! As humans, each of us can obviously influence the behavior or our own mind.

How do cigarettes actually affect you?
After years of smoking cigarettes, your thought processes and behaviors gradually begin to revolve around smoking. In other words, you develop the thought processes and behaviors of a smoker. I am no stranger to this. When I smoked, each cigarette gave me satisfaction and shaped my words and thoughts, getting me hooked on smoking.

Non-Smokers Think Differently
If you want to become a non-smoker, there is a simple way to quit smoking forever. Learn to think like a non-smoker. Embrace the lifestyle change. Successfully quitting smoking starts in the mind. Even highly-effective Pills and Non-Smoking programs will make no difference in your habits until you finally realize that your decision to be a non-smoker must last.

So how do you permanently quit smoking for life?
You must first understand that nicotine addiction is slowly & definitely ending your life. It eats away at your mind and body and begins to take power over many of your daily decisions. There are so many little ways that us smokers have altered our daily routine to accommodate our smoking habits. For a moment now, imagine how free you will feel, getting up every morning and knowing that your day does not have to start with a cigarette because you have finally become a non-smoker. Do you think being a non-smoker will affect the flow of activities throughout your day? Think about it!

Your Health is Your Responsibility… Nobody Elses
The bottom line is that each of us controls our own mind. Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide to stop smoking cigarettes forever. You hold that power in your own mind.

However, nobody should ever have to quit smoking cigarettes without help. Support groups are available to increase your chances of success. Plus, stop-smoking treatments are available to help break your addiction. If you have been smoking cigarettes for a number of years and think that your psychological addiction is strong, you may want to consider hypnosis. Though some remain fairly skeptical of this technique, I have used it with success and I know it has helped many others as well.

Good Luck & Best Health to You!

Dan has successfully remained a non-smoker for the past 6 years and is committed to helping other smokers break their nicotine habit. He runs the stop-smoking resource site Giving Up Smoking Cigarettes (givingupsmoking.net).

Want more info on hypnosis? Here are Stop-smoking hypnosis resources. (givingupsmoking.net/stop-smoking-hypnosis)

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