Why Smoking Leads to Drugs and Addiction

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By Christopher Ruane

Well its no surprise that many people know about the harmful effects of smoking even if some of them refuse to quit because of self denial. However, what is less commonly known is the fact that if you are not quitting smoking, there is a risk of other forms of addictive behavior occuring, including use of illicit drugs and addiction to these substances also.

So how do you get addicted to anything in the first place ?

Ok, let us state just exactly what is meant by addiction.

Psychologists define addiction as something that refers to the state of being dependent on something. It could either be psychological or physical, but whatever it is, addiction is a persistent urge to repeat everything that caused the person’s craving of euphoria or high.

Addictive behavior is triggered by the formation of cravings or desire. When these cravings are satisfied and met, another craving will soon start again with the same or greater intensity.Once this has happened, an addiction pattern is starting up.

Addiction with nicotine

Where cigarette smoking is concerned, the craving is for nicotine. In fact, nicotine is now recognized as one of the most addictive substances around and quitting smoking becomes so very hard. So, when a person smokes, the nicotine goes very quickly into the brain, rather like a direct injection. it is often done to ease stress and anxiety at work and home.

However, after a few stress free minutes, the anxiety feeling sets back in with the same or greater intensity and you start again. People who use smoking as an outlet to release tension and stress are already addicted. Period.

Smoking and its effects on your brain

This is where the brain chemicals (or hormonal transmitters) are directly affected by the substances in cigarettes smoking. Once smoking provides a calming effect upon a person, it gives a kind of incentive to repeat the process, and the new habit leads to addiction. Can I also point out that you are five times more likely to get alzheimers disease if you are a smoker . With medical care, our lives are getting longer and this illness will affect people in their eighties and beyond. Do not let it start sooner because of smoking.

Moreover, some experts contend that a person who lights up a cigarette from the end of his or her previous one is already an addict. They have this intense feeling to continue lighting one cigarette after another. What’s even more alarming with the situation is that there had been some reports that experts insist that nicotine, along side with marijuana, are some of the hardest type of drugs to treat and eliminate out of the body.

The dopamine pleasure factor

The satisfaction a person gets whenever they inhale nicotine is totally rewarding for them. This is because the discharge of the “pleasure hormone” known as dopamine.That’s why people who are tensed get immediate relief whenever they inhale smoke.

Of course the body has anti stress hormones which it can release throughout the day. If fact if this did not occur, some people could almost suffer a heart attack through shock to the system ! So any substance that triggers this dopamine release and high will cause addictive behavior.

Smoking and the liver

Almost every organ can be affected by the inhalation of cigarette smoke. No one part of you escapes unscathed. The stomach gets irritated and you can get an ulcer. Even the liver can be affected when it is processing prescription drugs out of your body with certain drugs.It is alright if you dont stop quitting nicotine first time around. Keep trying.

Smoking can affects mens’ health leading to coronary problems such as high blood pressure and stroke, not forgeting other issues such as impotence. To learn about illnesses affecting your health visit www.manhealthsite.com today!

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