War on Drugs and Their Victims

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By Michele Graham

Drug addictions are destroying our country, little by little. The families that suffer from having a family member addicted to drugs are increasing in numbers. We as the family of the addict, need to rise up in arms to be heard.

I personally have a family member that has been an addict for 13 years, half of his life. When he is sober and not using, he is the kindest most wonderful person you would ever want to know. But when he is using, you cannot trust him or anything he says or does. He has no money for drugs, so he obtains them by giving everything that is not nailed down away to the dealers that prey on his weakness.

In the last two weeks he gave away his cell phone twice, his wedding ring, his baby stroller and car seat and even his car, just to obtain drugs. He is newly married with a six week old baby. His addiction has destroyed his immediate family and now is working on destroying his new family.

Somehow, he has managed to keep his job, even though he has only been going to work two to three days a week. Why he has not been fired, I will never know.

During his latest challenges, I have kept this secret from other family members in hopes that we could get him the help he needs. I have contacted hospitals and authorities and unless he checks himself into a facility, there is nothing anyone can do. So my family must wait to see if he wakes up and goes to a facility, or gets arrested or dies from an overdose.

In the last two days, he has packed up his wife and baby and asked them to leave. We monitored his comings and goings on the toll road to get an idea when he would be back at this apartment. Finally, last evening, when we were sure he was back at home, we went to his apartment and disabled his car so he could not drive to get more drugs. We did this in the hope that he will be forced to get sober and realize what he is doing and get some help. I also finally called and shared all of this with his sister, not only for help for him but support for his wife and baby.

This family member is my youngest son. As his mother, I am heartsick and exhausted from trying to get him the help he needs. They talk about tough love but to me the tough love means the hurt as a parent or friend or family member, experiences as you watch your loved one slowly demise, is the real description of tough love.

Addicts do not care about themselves, the consequences, their families or their friends. Their only friend is the drug the idiot dealer that feed their habit.

In the past I have personally driven to the drug infested areas of my city, looking for my son to get him to come home. I have replaced money he has wasted using drugs so his family could eat and pay their bills. I have researched the places that can help him and given him those resources. I now have been a part of trying to stop him by disabling his car to give him one more chance to wake up and make a decision to get clean.

If you have had this experience remain strong. Don’t give up on your loved one. Fight until there is no more fight left, to get your loved one the help they need. We, as an American people, must continue the war on drugs for our future generations. Addictions breed addictions. If you know of someone going through a similar situation, remain compassionate. Someday you could be faced with a similar situation and will need compassion and love returned. None of us are inoculated from this horrible disease.

If you are the addict, please seek the help you need. You are breaking your familys’ heart.

Michele Graham-CEO and owner of Professional Healthcare Management has 41 years in the healthcare industry. She writes about business issues in all businesses and the healthcare field as well.




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