The High Blood Pressure Symptoms

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By Sven Ullmann

The pressure of the blood in our vascular system is important for blood to flow throughout or bodies. With no blood pressure we would simply stop to exist. It is important that the pressure of the blood in our body fall within a normal and healthy range. To much pressure can be the cause of many health problems.

So it is important that you educate yourself about blood pressure and what you can do to control it. There are many thing that we can do to insure that our blood pressure stays within a safe range.When your heart beats, it pumps blood and this in turn creates pressure on the arteries.

Blood pressure is created by both the force that your heart creates by pumping blood and the by the arteries as they resist the flow. For healthy blood pressure both the heart and the arteries must be functioning properly. healthy normal arteries are stretchy and elastic and how much they stretch has a direct effect on our blood pressure. If they are not elastic then they are unable to deliver proper healthy blood pressure. Recent studies have concluded that as many as one third of adults in America have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because it has almost no symptoms.

It quietly does its damage and unless it is checked can lead to heart attack and stroke and many other health related problems such as kidney failure. Information is the key to preventing high blood pressure. Knowing what causes it and what prevents it is the only way you are going to control your blood pressure.

There is only one way to find out if you have high blood pressure and that is to have yourself checked. Your doctor can do this and tell you what is a healthy range for your blood pressure. After you learn to check your blood pressure you can do it yourself, its easy to do. After you are checked you then can work to bring it down to a reasonable level if it is high or if is normal you can make sure you take the steps necessary to keep it there. The first place to look is at your diet.There are high risk groups for high blood pressure, find out if you fall into one of these groups.

If you do see what needs to be done to get yourself out of a high risk group. Quitting smoking and eating right are the first steps you can take. Excess salt in your diet can cause a high blood pressure. Salt is an acquired taste and just as you got used to it you can slowly get unused to it. Start slowly reducing the salt you use. There are low and no sodium salt substitutes available at your food store, just ask the clerk.Remember it is you that is ultimately responsible for your own health. Prevention is the key to a healthy body.

If you mistreat and neglect your health then don’t be surprised if in the future your health mistreats you. So make you blood pressure a part of you health maintenance program. Do the right things and you will be rewarded with blood pressure in a healthy range and you in turn can avoid the health problems that high blood pressure can bring.

Article by Sven Ullmann, who runs Deserved Health – information on health for you and your family. Read more about high blood pressure symptoms. Get our health newsletter.

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