THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 15

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Saturday April 14, 2007

271.0 lbs

>> Down 2.5 lbs
>> YTD Down 11.0 lbs


I don’t get it. Yes – I have been doing ‘some’ exercise – but, I still have not put it into second gear. This week, I seemed to have been eating MORE junk food, eating out MORE .. LESS exercise .. and I lost weight!

~wait~ I think I’m on to something! haha .. // Eat more! Excercise Less! Lose Weight!~

Well, maybe it’s because I’m eating less portions than I normally do with the large salad meals that I have been eating (you’ve seen the pictures!). Maybe it’s the stress from my work burning off calories sitting at a desk all day and all hours of the night or worrying that I haven’t been blogging that much? Maybe it was the new Melaleuca Nutritional meal replacement bars, or nutritional weight-loss fat burning bars I happened to come by, and been snacking on instead of Thinsations and Pringles. Maybe I just pigged out late at night on the night before last week’s weighin and my weight wasn’t really representative of what it should be .. don’t forget – it was a short week and I changed it up from a Monday morning weighin to Saturday morning weigh in.

I’m believe in the weigh in number, because we have a good scale. I think it’s just a timing issue, because bottom line – it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost 2-1/2 pounds this week .. mentally.

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