THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 14 (Short Week)

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Saturday April 7, 2007

273.5 lbs

>> UP 1.5 lbs
>> YTD Down 8.5 lbs


Well, I seem to have lost my book after this weigh in was taken, and that pretty much says it all, right? When I lose track of my notebook that I write all my meals down .. you know something is wrong! I could say that there was also chocolate bunnies involved sometimes during the week, since Wednesday!

But – Up 1.5 lbs. NOT GOOD. My timing has been off and I’ve been eating supper in the afternoons, breakfast at night and snacking at my computer. The more I’ve exercised the more pain I get from exercising that yes.. yes .. “No Pain No Gain” but, it’s hard to exercise fully when you are in pain.

Honestly – I know I should get back on schedule, back to routine – but, work comes first at this stage for me, at least until after April 30th. So, I try – but I also know I am not as motivated as I should be. But, the weather is warming up here in Winnipeg (around 0c) .. rather than snacking on food during short breaks .. I plan (and starting to) include the dogs in my breaktime and going outside for a ‘romp’ by the river, behind our condos, and walks to the bank and post office (about 8 blocks away)

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