THE HART SERIES: Counting: April 7-13, 2007 (Summary)

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Saturday April 7, 2007

* Brunch: Pancakes on my Family size Griddle .. it’s great! (PS> pancake on top row, far left=1 point)
* Supper: Salad, with turkey
>> Total 22 points – UNDER .. 35 splurge flex points remain untouched

Sunday April 8, 2007

* All Day Easter Dinner with family
* homegrown Chickens from the Hutterites (about 2.5lbs each, for 4 people)
* Add chocolate, donates, stuffing, potatoes, and cake
>> Total 42 points today .. OVER BY 10 .. 25 splurge points remain

Monday April 9, 2007

* Breakfast: Cereal, etc
* Lunch: Leftovers stuffing, potatoes, salad, cake
* Snacks all day, no real supper
>> Total 38 points – OVER BY 6 POINTS .. 19 splurge flex points remain

Tuesday April 10, 2007

* Breakfast: Toast and peanut butter – I didn’t notice my cat’s noseprints on my camera lens until a few days later ..
* Late Lunch: With Client at Salisbury House. I have a Texas Meat Western Skillet (hash browns, bacon, ham, sausages, covered with 2 over easy eggs and cheese) Mmmm and 2 Salisbury donuts
* Supper was Ice Cream with syrop
>> Total 44 points – OVER by 12 points! .. 7 splurge points remain

Wednesday April 11, 2007

* Brunch Client meeting at Schmeckers Restaurant – had Apple Pancakes
* Dinner: Salad and (new) Melaleuca Nutritional bar
>> Total 33 points – OVER by 1 point .. 6 splurge flex points remain

Thursday April 12, 2007

* No picture today .. because I didn’t eat today
* Although I did snack on 2 Nutritional Bars from Melaleuca and Thinsations and Cereal
* Supper Snack: A&W – 3 chicken Strips with Sweet & Sour sauce
* Supper Dessert: Low Fat (Skinny Cow) Ice Cream sandwich
>> Total 28 points – UNDER .. 6 splurge flex points still remain

Friday April 13, 2007

* Luncheon Client Meeting: Chicken Gyros on 7″ pita
* Snacked on Nutitional Bar, Kelloggs Oat Bran bar & Sweet & Salty bar
* Supper: Toasted turkey breast sandwich, with mayo with Pringles
>> Total 36 point! – OVER BY 4 POINTS .. I end the week with 2 unused splurge flex points

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