THE HART SERIES: Continued But Fragmented

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* Week 13 and the HART SERIES will resume back after this Wednesday .. and now will be summarized once a week (or so) in one general post. I will be changing my weigh-in (Yes – I did weigh in Monday Morning) to a new day and time .. Saturday Mornings, first thing from now on. This will leave me time to recap my week’s efforts over the weekend and keep everyone informed of my progress. Also, it will align myself with the weekly weigh ins of my wife, who likes to weigh in BEFORE weekend dinners and other family gatherings 🙂

I suppose I should apologize for not keeping up with this on a daily basis, although deep down the apology is really to myself for being unable to post on a daily basis. I continue to count points, keep track and take pictures of my daily meals and I’m even exercising now on some fitness equipment in my basement.

It’s just that my offline work is consuming most of my time (I am an accountant / income tax preparer by day) and will probably continue to be busy for me – until June 15th.

In the meantime .. there should be more articles in here, as I will attend to PRE-posting more Ezine Articles in here to fill up the gap during the week .. just not ones from the HART SERIES, as I call it!

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