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A reader has forwarded to me the following:

Dear Webmaster,

I would like to suggest a resource for your site, Battling-Obesity.com.

It seems a lot of your readers are interested in being healthy and losing weight. Here is an obesity quiz you may find useful: (see link below)

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Well .. I went to the link, and think it is a great “Tool & Resource” filled with many quizes for your general health and wellness .. including: BMI Calculator, Cholesterol Quiz, Healthy Body Weight Calculator, Heart Rate Calculator, Hip-to-Waist Ratio Calculator, Lifestyle Quiz, Lower Back Pain Quiz, Osteoporosis Quiz, Sleep Health … and OBESITY QUIZ.

From their Site:

How Much Do You Know About Obesity?

Sixty-six percent of US adults are overweight. Thirty-two percent of US adults are also obese. And, about 17 percent of US children are seriously overweight. Take this true/false quiz with eight questions to see how much you know about obesity. After each question, you will find out if your answer is correct or incorrect, and information about health risks and healthy choices will be provided.

* TAKE THE OBESITY QUIZ – from the Medical University of South Carolina – Interactive Tools & Resources

If you have any interesting sites or want to reciprocal link on our LINKS page .. just drop me a line … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

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