Quit Smoking Tip – Your Smoker’s Personality Might Be A Problem

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By Sylvia Dickens

This interesting tidbit came across the wire the other day. You might find it amusing, you might find it interesting or you might find it downright insulting. You might even find that it’s the reason you have been unable to quit smoking.

According to recent studies into the behavior of smokers, it has been suggested that smokers have more anti-social characteristics than do non-smokers. So what does this mean?

Anti-social behavior, also referred to as anti-social personality disorder, is identified as acting contrary to what is accepted behavior among the masses. Anti-social behavior usually involves ignoring the rights of others and being selfish.

Other signs of anti-social behavior include: breaking laws, risk-taking, not considering the results of their behavior, being impulsive, ignoring the safety of self or others, and not worrying about hurting other people.

If you think about the actions of smokers, it’s fairly easy to see where this ‘diagnosis’ fits. This research could explain the earlier resistance that smokers showed towards new non-smoking bans. They felt their rights were being violated and continued to light up regardless of the law. Those who still reject such laws might well be experiencing anti-social behavior.

You’re probably asking, where’s the proof that smokers are anti-social?

Although small, one test was done on 346 smokers by the University of Victoria in British Columbia. It produced some interesting results. They learned that 28.8% of smokers demonstrated higher neurotic characteristics and were more likely to have symptoms of alcoholism or drinking-related problems.

They also were younger, of a lower income, and had anti-social behaviors. The interpretation is that a portion of smokers are more anxious than other smokers and have strong anti-social tendencies.

And earlier large-scale studies conducted by another group produced other interesting data. They revealed that people who smoked were either extroverted or anxious.

This second test was done among adult American males who had never smoked, who had been light smokers, those who had been heavy smokers, and those who were current heavy smokers.

The results showed that the current heavy smokers were significantly higher on the neurotic or anxiety scale than non-smokers.

So what can we derive from this?

If you want a quit smoking tip, consider that perhaps the difficulty lies in your personality rather than in any addiction.

Anxious people will certainly be more likely to reach for anything to calm them, which can be alcohol, smoking or even extreme sports. And people showing anti-social behavior will have little consideration for those around them.

This quit smoking tip suggests that you need to overcome your smoker’s personality first. Resolve your anxiety issues, and your efforts to quit smoking will be more successful.

This will require doing an intensive and honest review of your personality to determine whether you exhibit any of the traits revealed in these studies.

You’ll likely resist such scrutiny if you have anti-social behavior and believe in your right to smoke. However, if you can modify this believe and view it from a non-smoker’s standpoint, you will likely find it much easier to quit smoking. If, in fact, that’s what you want to do.

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