It’s nice to have a place where we can walk the dogs

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I took my camera out with me last weekend while we were out walking the dogs. Behind our condo complex, is the Sturgeon Creek. On both sides there are sidewalks and fields, and we can walk for miles and miles in either direction. The snow is just melting, and there is no green grass yet .. and the water levels are a bit high .. but it’s still nice to get out and walk the dogs. So, here are some pictures! I should be doing this more often, but the pictures usually end up on my Pet related blogs instead 🙂

* Google Map: This is general view of my backyard .. I live on the left side where the arrow is

* Google Map: Here is a close up of above under the “Sturgeon Creek Parkway” notation is, bottom right side of the above

* This is a picture of what that looks like closeup .. it’s at Cuthbert Grant’s Mill

It’s a little history in our backyard …

The watermill known as Grant’s Old Mil occupies the site of the Red River Settlement’s first mill built in 1829.

It was established by Cuthbert Grant who was the leader of the Metis at the Battle of Seven Oaks. Grant’s Old Mill is on a tributary of the Assiniboine River and is the final incarnation of multiple previous mills that were washed away by frequent floods.

The mill is open to the public and provides a glimpse of a real working water powered mill. Samples of stone ground wheat can be tasted. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the area surrounding Grant’s Old Mill is perfect for picnics or just laying out in the sun. Located directly behind Grant’s Old Mill is the Grace Hospital.


* Here are some more pictures of the walkway and area .. nothing really that exciting, except open space to walk our dogs Maxxie and Sophie .. who like to sniff everything and pee at every corner marking their way home!

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