Drug Treatments For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

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By Groshan Fabiola

Studies have shown that multiple sclerosis is very hard on people affecting some 2 in every 1000 persons. Even more problematic is the fact that some 50 % of these people are left unable to walk after some 15 from the onset of the disorder. A total cure has not yet been developed but scientists and doctors are working on treatments that will at least slow down the action of the disease. The good thing is that they really are starting to understand how the disorder works and the way it affects people, plus a new kind of monitor treatment is being developed as we speak. The bases for some new treatments have this way been developed; they include the using of disease modifying drugs that will have quite a remarkable impact on the natural course of the disease, significantly slowing it down.

Still some of these drugs are yet to be approved and clinical test are still in progress to really understand if the drugs are working and what the side effects would be. Scientist and doctors from all over the world gather more and more often to discuss their new findings and believes regarding multiple sclerosis. Because of all this effort put into defeating this disease a lot of progress has been made.

It has been seen that the disorder starts manifesting itself clinically in patients after a period of about 5 years when the disease enters the secondary progressive phase. Physical symptoms are more clear now and start affecting the patient on a regular bases, each time stronger than the last. Relapsing- remitting patients have shown to have a benign course of the disease developing little or no affect from disabilities after a period of about 10 years. Trying to predict the appearance and actions of the disabilities in the cases of multiple sclerosis patients has proven to be a major challenge for doctors. The fact is that this disorder is very variable and has a sudden way of acting.

Tests and researches done by scientist have shown that there actually are some factors that make prognosis in multiple sclerosis quite unfavorable. Male sex has been proven to be one of the grater factors to affect prognosis; also the age at witch the disease begins its onset. Some motor and cerebral signs that are present on the onset might be also be affecting the prognosis. A very confusing fact for the doctors is the rate at witch the patient has its attacks ( short intervals pose a great problem), and also the high relapse rate in the early years of the disease. Incomplete recovery after relapses can also cause a great problem if the doctors are to correctly anticipate the path of the disease.

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