Disturbing Facts on Anxiety Attacks

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By Jeanette Pollock

The most intriguing truth about anxiety attack that once it is triggered, the entirety of the person’s life may be changed…forever.

Anxiety attacks cause one of the most complex and fastest effects that may occur in human body. This condition is experienced with an overwhelming sensation of uncontrollable dread, which may somewhat border around the terrible experiences of being seriously ill, or the expectance of death or getting awfully nuts.

It’s effects do not stop there. Drastic changes will occur in the body’s major organs more specifically the heart, the lungs, intestines, kidneys, stomach, eyes, bladder and the largest muscle groups.

All these combined may not even be accomplished by the serious injuries induced in the body or the most violent poison that may enter to it.

These reactions will then send a message to the brain to release a cascade of hormones and stimulants which is the main fact why when under an anxiety attack, the person feels mixed sensations that are characterized mainly by the impulses to get out, hide and flee.

Because of an overwhelming “imagined threat”, the immediate response is to take oneself away from being hopeless and trapped. It really doesn’t count if the threat is real (though the rational mind is conscious that it there are no genuine threats yet it seem not able to do something against his sensations).

Panic may be the result of a trauma towards an accident, a crime or the likes. However, the medical community is certain that stress may be one root cause why people develop anxiety attacks. Other resources assert that childhood experiences may reveal the link.

People who are most susceptible to developing anxiety attacks are those who are overly perfectionists, reclusive, socially avoidant, excessively anxious and unreasonably fearful. Heredity may play some vital roles though.

As we have noted earlier, once the attack commences it will linger on until some effective cure is found. What keeps it worse is the constant fear of the anticipated attacks. As a defense mechanism, people will try to devise means to restrain from doing activities or involving themselves into instances and places which may bring back memories of the attack or which they expect that anxiety attack is most likely to occur. In effect, sufferers will enclose themselves into comfort zones where they are fairly secured.

Although many cases are recorded in medical history, varying levels of the medical community still often confuse the condition with other ailments and disorders that are somehow closely intertwined with anxiety attacks. This is primarily because anxiety attacks imitate symptoms of other conditions, which for many years have caused too much misdiagnosis.

In some cases, anxiety attacks mimic a condition completely like with cases of hypoglycemia, hyperventilation syndrome, complex partial seizures along with others. In some instances, it follows the symptoms of disease like asthma, vertigo, angina, hypertension, hiatal hernia but only in parts.

Nearly all anxiety attack sufferers believe that they are seriously ill. Thus, they are noted to go from one physician to another only to find that their case is not thoroughly understood even by the experts themselves which they typically confuse with panic.

1/3 of American adults desperately needs rescue from this death-threatening condition. When will it be rendered? No one knows exactly. But rest assured that even at this very moment, people are working towards searching an efficient treatment of the disorder.

Jeanette Pollock is a freelance author and website owner of AnxietyDomain.com. Visit Jeanette’s website to learn more about anxiety attacks!

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