Cardiac Rehabilitation – A Holistic Way To Improve Health Of People With Heart Problems

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By Moses Wright

Cardiac rehabilitation is a form of therapy and rehabilitation that not many have heard about. Patients who have suffered a heart attack or undergone bypass surgery, their doctors would tend to recommend cardiac rehabilitation. Such rehabilitation is helpful as the patient usually needs to modify his lifestyle to some extent to maintain their best physical condition. Each program is uniquely catered to meet the needs of the patients, taking into consideration factors such as the patient’s age and weight as well as other prevailing illnesses.

A cardiac rehabilitation program aims to improve the overall health of the patient and is relatively holistic. The program also takes into consideration the specific heart problems the patient has and the underlying causes for the heart condition. Some of the areas of focus would include nutrition and weight loss, managing depression and stress, as well as improving the patient’s sense of self-esteem. In some cases, patients withdraw from life due to fear and anxiety issues; such factors are taken into consideration and the rehabilitation program would include therapy to help the patient deal with such emotional stress.

A doctor would first have to evaluate the health status of the patient, to determine the ideal nutritional and exercise plan. In some cases, dietary restrictions could be placed upon the patient to reduce fat and caloric intake. The patient is also taught measures to help him cope with stress and emotional issue, which are all possible causes and triggers for heart problems. Depression counseling is another avenue that is available to the patient should the doctor feel that the patient needs help to cope with negative feelings.

Such rehabilitation is suitable for patients who have long term or continuing heart conditions. Undergoing such rehabilitation may actually help to increase their life expectancy. Naturally, patients who have suffered from heart attacks previously are good candidates for the rehabilitation program. Others who might wish to consider the program are those who suffer from chest pains. However, this is determined on a case by case basis, as you will need to check with your doctor before going for cardiac rehabilitation. This is because people with unstable heart conditions or are undergoing other medical treatments concurrently might not be suitable.

However, not many are deemed suitable for cardiac rehabilitation, only about ten to twenty percent of individuals who are diagnosed with heart problems are enrolled in the program. This could be due to doctors who do not refer their patients for such rehabilitative programs. Distance and a lack of such programs in certain areas might be another influencing factor. Some patients choose not to enroll in the program due to a lack of insurance coverage, or some might have no wish to change their lifestyles.

If you are unsure about the course of action if you are at risk for heart problems or if you have experienced heart related issues, do consult with your doctor about starting a rehabilitation program. Obtain a referral from your doctor since this will make it easier to get financial assistance for the program.

Moses Wright is the founder of Rehabilitation Program. He provides more useful information on Drug Addiction Rehabilitation and Physical Rehabilitation Therapy on his website. Webmasters are welcome to reprint this article if you keep the content and live link intact.

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