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By Rebecca Osborn

What is stress? Stress is a feeling experienced when a person perceives that the demand placed on them is greater than what they can give.

Particularly in normal working life, much of our stress is subtle and occurs without obvious threat to survival. Most comes from things like work overload, conflicting priorities, inconsistent values, over-challenging deadlines, conflict with co-workers, unpleasant environments and so on. Not only do these reduce our performance as we divert mental effort into handling them, they can also cause a great deal of unhappiness.

Listed here are ways you can relieve stress in your life and work towards stress free day!

1. Get a good night sleep. If you are not sleeping properly, have disturbed sleep or get only a few hours each night, your concentration will decrease and you will be less effective at work. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

2. When did you last have a holiday? Think about when you last went on vacation. If this was a long time ago, you may be feeling run down or over-stretched. Book a relaxing vacation somewhere nice. If you cannot afford to go away, book a day or two off work and commit them to relaxing at home! Run the bath, get a book, make no appointments. Just relax!

3. Are your environments stress free? Assess your living and working environments. It may not be something you can immediately change, but you can work towards it. If your working environment or commute is unpleasant, consider moving job or home.

4. Party. Make sure that you make time to socialize with your friends and co-workers. All work and no play is not healthy!

5. Seek counsel. List the stresses that you are currently experiencing. If there are stresses that seem particularly overwhelming, ask yourself if you need help in dealing with them. If appropriate, seek out a counsellor.

6. Exercise. If you are not exercising regularly, then get a medical check up and start. Join a gym, sports club or something similar. Find a sport or fitness regime that you enjoy, and get into the habit of exercising regularly.

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