Addiction Treatment: Is Drug Addiction Easier To Treat Than Alcoholism?

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By Jonathan Huttner

While many people still try and define addicts as different from alcoholics, the fact of the matter is that the definition of addiction or alcoholism is almost identical. The main difference is that one is liquid in nature, while the other can take on a variety of forms. The overall effects of addiction or alcoholism are exactly the same.

Drug Addiction Treatment Versus Alcoholism Treatment

Since the medical profession has come to see drug addiction and alcoholism as primarily the same disease, there is little difference in drug addiction or alcoholism treatment. While it is true that different medications may be used in a drug rehab, addiction treatment center or alcohol treatment program while the patient is in detox, addiction treatment philosophy or alcohol treatment philosophy are primarily the same.

The most significant difference does not lie in addiction treatment or alcohol treatment, but is found in the addict’s or alcoholic’s perception of the other. The “pure alcoholic” views the addict as a criminal and state they can not relate to their lifestyle or why they would even take drugs, while the addict views the alcoholic as their worst nightmare. The irony is that the behavior and thinking that accompanies their journey through addiction or alcoholism is identical. Whether in addiction treatment or alcoholism treatment, denial, resentment, dishonesty, shame, compulsive behavior, low self esteem and failed relationships all accompany people recovering from addiction or alcoholism.

There are several valuable sources of information alcoholism and drug addiction treatment available on the web. At the National Institute on Drug Abuse you can find information for professionals, for teachers, for the general public and, most importantly, for parents. At you will find information on treatment options as well as help to find an alcohol and drug rehab facility. Remember that if you or someone you know need immediate assistance, also offers a helpline 24/7 through their toll-free number: 1(800)993-3869. Don’t hesitate to call for help for an alcoholic or drug addict, you may be saving a life.

Jonathan Huttner is one of the the principals at Lakeview Health Systems, an addiction treatment,

alcohol and drug rehab facility.

Addiction treatment information and free live help 24/7 is being provided online at

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3 Responses to “Addiction Treatment: Is Drug Addiction Easier To Treat Than Alcoholism?”
  1. I really love reading helpful articles like this, Thanks for sharing.

  2. drug rehabilitation says:

    I must say that this article really helps so much individual now a days. Mos specially to the young ones.

  3. Lena Malhorn says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, as my husband battled alcoholism for over 30 years. He has been clean and sober for almost one full year now thanks to the amazing staff at Narconon Vista Bay. Although now I hardly look back at our tumultuous past, there was a point in time when my husband felt that he did not have a problem at all since he wasn’t using hard drugs. At one point in time, my husband even went as far to say that since he could legally buy alcohol it was not as bad for him as any type of street drug. Thank God those days are over. I have been a very close part of the proof that alcohol destroys lives just as easily as any other drug. Addiction is addiction no matter how you spin it. If anyone reading this has a problem or knows of someone who does, I hightly recommended contacting Narconon Vista Bay, The staff at Vista Bay are really caring and they know how to handle any type of addict.

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