A Work Out Partner Can Increase The Success Of Your Weight Loss And Fitness Program

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By Beth Campbell

This is the time of year that many of us are embarking on a new diet plan or exercise program. While some few of us may be able to maintain our good intentions without help, most of us could benefit greatly from a work out partner. There are many benefits to having someone to work out with and with whom you can discuss your weight loss and fitness progress. I know this personally from having worked out alone and also from having a work out partner.

Having a partner that you know is expecting you to be at the gym or at the running track at a certain time will help keep you motivated to go at times when you might otherwise make excuses. Also knowing that you not showing up may make the other person’s work out harder for them to do alone may also give you some added incentive to show up.

Your actual work out is often more pleasant and seems to go faster if you have someone to talk with while doing such boring activities as walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike. Having a partner also gives you someone to support and encourage you. Hearing someone else say that you are improving or that you are doing a great job makes you feel good about your time spend working out. In addition, if you are including weight training in your fitness routine, it may be advisable to have a spotter.

If you and your partner have losing weight or fat as a goal, this also gives you someone to compare notes with as far as how you are doing following your diet. Both of you keeping a food journal and discussing it with each other can help give you input as to why you may be having trouble. If you are not having trouble but are doing great, you can help motivate the other person by sharing your success.

So, how do you find a work out partner? If you are already a member of a gym or fitness center, the staff might be able to suggest other members who have the same fitness goals as you. If not, try noticing which members seem to be at the gym at the same times as you and have similar routines, strike up a friendly conversation with them and see if they might be interested in working out together. Some gyms also have a bulletin board where you can post a note that you are looking for a work out partner.

Even if you do not belong to a gym, you may be able to find someone by mentioning to your friends that you are looking for someone to walk with for example. There may be someone at work that you hear mention that they are trying to get fit or lose weight. You might ask them if they would like a work out or support partner.

Most of us do much better at achieving our goals if we have the help and encouragement of someone else. Your chances of success in weight loss and fitness are no different.

I have lost 122 pounds. My story and contact email can be seen at www.SecretofLosingWeight.Com

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