THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 8

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Monday February 26, 2007

275.5 lbs

>> DOWN by 1.0 lbs
>> YTD Down by 6.5 lbs


I have maintained the week below my daily and weekly alotment of splurge points .. but, it’s been a quite busy month-end for me. As such, I haven’t really been eating as healthy as I could be. For instance, there are no 4012 oranges (my favorites) at the regular grocer (Superstore) and I really didn’t have time to go shopping around looking for them. Instead of snacking on fruit and other vegetables, I was going for the Pringles, and other low-calorie but not as healthy snacks.

Here in Winnipeg, (as of today March 1) we’ve had about 22 inches of snow, with temperatures ranging from -10c to +2c .. and about 15 inches stayed before melting. Everyday it’s snow and more snow and WET Snow. Although we live in a CONDO and maintenance does our snow shovelling and clearing of our parking lot, someone still has to shovel snow in our back yard for the puppy dogs and the front walk ASAP for the client walk-ins. I think that had more to do with my weight loss than keeping within my points alotment.

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